Best of QuiltCon, Instagram Edition

We’re still riding our QuiltCon high (seriously, is it 2016 yet?), and half the fun is reliving the show from the eyes of our fabulous attendees. Collectively, we tagged over 12,000 new photos with the hashtag #quiltcon! Here are some of our favorites. Miss you already, QuiltCon.

By the end of the week, people were weighted down with pins from new friends and old. The pin swap was a huge success!

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Teachers and students strutted their stuff, and quilted apparel was all the rage in Austin. Hey Victoria!

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Classes and workshops were some of the highlights of the show!

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Sometimes a quilt just sticks with you!

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Our feeds were flooded with happy people taking #quiltconselfies. Like these two!

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So much quilting to do, so little time.

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You may have noticed the #quiltconartist getting into mischief at the show. Hilarity ensued.

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The biggest debate of all? Which tattoo to choose. So many good ones!

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Fabric was not in short supply — we all found treasures to take home.

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Sometimes a good quilt fort is all you need in life.

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The Quilters of Gee’s Bend shared their stories, wisdom, songs and of course, quilts.

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Quilt heaven, indeed.

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Each class was an opportunity for attendees to hone their skills and show off their personalities!

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Even our youngest quilters found their favorites!

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And there’s just no substitute for meeting your idols.

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Thanks QuiltCon! See you next year!

A little fun with #quiltconplanning

Yesterday QuiltCon registration opened for all MQG members. A few weeks ago on Instagram we asked people to show us how they were planning for the day.

We had everything from Cats:

cats .jpg

To drinks:


Helpful kiddos (and a husband!):

kiddos and husband

And even a few flow charts:


You were all so creative! Our favorite was this from Kimberly Needham a member of the Los Angeles MQG. It really show the emotions that people feel when trying to register for a huge event.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.30.20 PM

Thank you to everyone who played along and shared your plans with us. While we know not everyone got what they wanted, know that there are still a ton of lectures and a handful of workshops left. I even hear there might be a hexie making bar crawl!

So Kimberly, we hope that you enjoy your great FQ set from Michael Miller Fabrics. We’re sure you’ll put it to great use!