QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight: “New Home New Life” by The Improper Bostonian Quilters

by Mary Willis, Patty Bailey, Lorri Foley, Jeannette Tobin, & Barbara WinrichIMG_2698_2We are the “The Improper Bostonian Quilters.” Patty Bailey, Lorri Foley, Jeannette Tobin, Mary Willis, and Barbara Winrich met several times while planning the quilt. It became an additional enjoyable social event, and not an unpleasant adventure that group projects can become as remembered from Grad School. Although Lorri is still having anxiety attacks about the group process.
Our approach to the challenge was to decide which charity would benefit from the quilt challenge. We chose Casa Nueva Vida, whose mission it is to help families develop skills and education to get out of poverty. They serve the homeless families in Greater Boston. They have an excellent rate of success in preventing further homelessness. The name of our quilt is “New Home New Life.”

The mission of Casa Nueva Vida inspired us to use homes as the jump off to our design. The log cabin block was the starting point and figuring out how to manipulate the scale of the block was our challenge for the front of the quilt. Homes are represented on the back of the quilt thus joining Traditional and Modern aesthetics together.
We collected fabrics and decided which we would use. The design morphed into what it became and members volunteered for different tasks related to their individual strengths. We used our time at October Quilt Camp to continue getting the quilt together. We gathered at a Saturday Day Camp and layered the quilt, and then began the quilting process.

Watching how each individual effort came together in a successful design was our favorite part. Barbara loved making the tiny log cabins. Jeannette excelled at using quilt software to bring the design together and making an amazing sleeve. Patty’s binding is the bomb. Mary fast forwarded the machine quilting. Lorrie’s hand stitching is the finishing touch to add texture. Each and every one of us was enriched by the experience. We learned a lot and would do it again in a heartbeat. Additionally, we still love each other even though writing this blog post was like herding cats. We are so excited that we will be in Savannah to see all of the challenge quilts and the other group’s interpretations of the challenge.

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