QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight: “Fibonacci. It All Adds Up.” by the Southern Appalachian MQG

by Janelle Warren, VP of Education; Randy Case, Design Team MemberSAMQG_2017CharityQuiltOur guild was eager to participate in the Charity Quilt Challenge, with QuiltCon 2017 “just down the road” in Savannah.

Co-Project Managers, Janelle Warren and Barbara Fowler gathered our design team including: Randy Case, Terry Baird, Brisbane Smith, Michelle Harrison, Pam Howard, Joanna Marren, and Sue Leonard to explore the theme of scale and various examples from the art world.

Ideas flew fast and furiously . . . musical scales, fish scales, images of little and big people/blocks, Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, delectable mountains, log cabin. From the brainstorm we took to EQ7 to get a feel for how some of these thoughts might be rendered. Terry’s idea of the Fibonacci sequence surfaced again. What about basing the entire quilt with the sequence and quilt spirals for the golden rectangle?

SAMQG_2017CharityQuiltBackAfter fitting various blocks into a Fibonacci spiral Terry created a sample tiny curvy log cabin, and enthusiasm set in! Following an overnight flurry of emails our design was set. Randy assured us that a two-inch log cabin block was doable and that established the base for our Fibonacci spiral.
Enthusiasm waxed and waned as the calendar pages were turned and September found us still without a solid plan.

Thankfully, inspiration is only a glance away living here in our Appalachian Mountains. A bird flew by during our design session, so we added some flying geese to the outer stripes of our block, in the Fibonacci way! One strip has 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 flying geese, and there are 5 consecutive flying geese on the next one pointing to the final “golden goose”, as a play on the golden ratio aspect of the design. That was the needed touch.

SAMQG2Our Block Kit Kaptain, Barbara Fowler honchoed a cutting and packing day at our favorite meeting place, Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop, in Murphy, NC. Maureen Ripper, Elizabeth Dyer, and Gayle Cowdin joined the design team and kits with carefully cut pieces, patterns and instructions were now ready for the members to sew! After ironing out a few minor challenges the blocks started coming in from Sue Leonard, Kay Stanley, Lynda Case, Joy Still, Terry, Brisbane, Ann Graham, Jeanne Hewitt, Diana Turkovics, Patty Singer, Randy and Janelle.

Gayle took the leftover scraps and designed a stunning panel for the back of the quilt. With the quilt batting donated by Karen Hopple of Bless My Stitches, off we went to a fellow guild member for quilting. Denise Cornett married the curves and swirls in the quilting design. Our trusty binding team, Maureen and Barbara took over from there; Patty added the label and voila… It did all add up after all!

We had a lot of fun scaling up our guild members’ participation as most all participated in creating this process! Design was the biggest challenge and the reward was another exciting and fun collaboration of our members into an experience and a quilt that is truly golden. We’re still deciding which charity will be receiving our quilt.

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