QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight, by the Hudson Valley MQG

by Shelly Loveland and Karen R. Caccavo

HVMQG Completed quilt

Architects use a graphic scale in their drawings to maintain a sense of scale when going from two to three dimensions. In this quilt, our guild members from across New York’s mid and lower Hudson River Valley came together to create a fabric version of this graphic scale, choosing Kona Ocean (along with Kona Snow) to represent our shared ties to the beautiful Hudson River.

As the rows progress upwards from the bottom left hand corner, the scale doubles each time, the gradation of color progresses from saturated to lighter tones, and the quilting gets proportionally wider.  In this way, the concept of scale is interpreted on multiple dimensions in 15 different blocks, giving guild members the opportunity to contribute their individual esthetics, skills, and judgement while staying within the larger master plan.

HVMQG Putting together the pieces

This quilt is the first QuiltCon submission for our young but growing guild.  Sustaining a multi-month project and the planning, communicating, and joint decision-making it required, was itself a learning (and bonding) experience for us!  Along the way, members came forward to contribute their unique talents—from architect Erin Flynn Berg who designed the quilt to the many other members who created individual blocks, donated materials and quilting and organizing skills– and more. As the seasons turned, our ideas, fabric, blocks, and the quilt in various stages of completion were passed from member to member at our monthly meetings as well as meet ups in coffee shops and parking lots throughout the Hudson Valley.

Research is on-going to determine which local charity will benefit from our quilt.


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