QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight: “Ripples” by the Denver Metro MQG

by Kari Vojtechovsky

20170118-P1180129_0120170118-P1180135The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild has enjoyed participating as a group in previous MQG charity quilt challenges, so it was easy to keep that momentum going with this year’s challenge.

We used the opportunity of creating a collaborative quilt to suit the purposes of both the MQG charity quilt challenge and another upcoming show. Our guild has a unique opportunity coming up with a guild exclusive, juried show of original works at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum with the theme of How New is Modern? Our guild made a quilt that fits the criteria for both! (More details on the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum show can be found at http://www.denvermetromodernquiltguild.com/2017-show-details/)

One of the inspiration quilts for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum show is a traditional Robbing Peter to Pay Paul design. This quilt was our conceptual launching point. From there, the quilt took a decidedly modern path. The concept also goes deeper than just the visual in Ripples. It speaks to the way individuals can magnify the impact of their work by joining together.

It was designed so that there are varying elements of scale creating interest and of course using the palette prescribed for the MQG challenge. From across the room, you see the bold overall design of concentric ripples. A little closer, you can see that the composition of the quilt is made up of deconstructed Robbing Peter to Pay Paul blocks. From arms length, the small details pieced into each block become apparent, from the improv curved piecing to inserted details to the rippled quilting.

The quilt was mapped out into individual blocks that were assigned to a member of our guild to piece. Directions included only the fabrics in the needed colors, finished block size and a visual of what is needed as a rough guide. Each of us was asked to take the general idea but to get creative with it and make it our own. No coordination of how or what shape to piece the curves was provided so that there was naturally variation in how each block turned out.

The result is a visually dynamic quilt that was interesting for each maker to create. Once the quilt was pieced together, the design remained cohesive because of the master plan but has a wonderful improv quality with the signature of many makers. The complementary quilting finishes the quilt. The quilting motif echoes the rippling circles of the piecing but at a smaller scale and texturally adds another element of interest to the quilt.

A favorite part of the quilt is seeing how the work of so many individuals comes together to create a work of beauty and function. It is a special quilt that could not have ended up with the interest and personality it has with a single maker. Although we have not chosen the charity that will receive this quilt, we all hope it will bless and benefit the eventual recipient.

The Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild would like to acknowledge the role our members played in creating Ripples:

Coordinators: Denise von Minden & Christine Perrigo
Blocks pieced by: Members of the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild
Quilt top pieced by: Denise von Minden & Christine Perrigo
Quilting designed and quilted by: Christine Perrigo
Binding by: Stephanie Ruyle

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