QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight: “Capital Confetti” by the DC MQG

by Lynne Mackay-AthaQuilt_Final
I thought that we were a little late in getting started. I knew from last year how tight the timeline felt. I wisely asked Robin to be my partner in this endeavor, and we read the guidelines and started playing with ideas. Scale. That is what we were focusing on. We had a meeting coming up at the end of August, not typically the most well-attended meeting of the year. I had stepped up as coordinator of the project, but not as a major quilt designer, so in the meeting I talked about the guidelines and what I had played with so far – our logo. I really love our logo. The group liked the idea of using our logo, and in the back and forth about the guidelines and the logo, Jessee Maloney @jessee_artschooldropout, a new member of the guild, brought up the idea of pixelating our logo. And, that she could design it so that there would be individual blocks so that lots of people could do the sewing. So, we were off and running!


Robin set to ordering fabric as Jessee was sending me block instructions…63 separate sheets. The call went out to the membership. Want to make a block or two? At the October meeting Robin and I made kits – one for each block except the 3 buildings – we decided that each building should be made by just one person. We handed out lots of kits at that meeting, and some were mailed to members. The deadline was the DCMQG retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving.


All of the blocks came in on time. First Robin had the Washington Monument put together, then I added the Lincoln Memorial. Linda put together a lot of the sky blocks, then Melinda brought the Capitol while Robin worked on the Potomac River. Once together, several other members worked on snipping threads and tidying the back.
It was time to hand the top over to Sari Thomas @sariditty and let her work her magic. When she started on the quilt, Sari would send me little teasers…so exciting!
We already had someone lined up to attach binding, and the label and sleeve ready to be sewn on. The completed quilt came to a guild meeting for us all to see!
From start to finish, this quilt has passed through the hands of roughly a third of our guild. We are proud of what we have created and are excited to see it displayed with the other charity quilts at QuiltCon in February. Each fall our guild sponsors a quilt drive – 100 quilts for Kids. Those quilts go to organizations that help kids, this year to The Children’s Inn at the National Institute of Health. After QuiltCon, this special quilt will be donated to one of the many worthy organizations in DC that will auction it and use the funds to support their programs.FotorCreated

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