#QuiltsforPulse Charity Drive with the Orlando MQG

OMQGButtonLogoThe Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting quilts and blocks for the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12, and MQG members around the world are invited to participate. The goal is to gather enough quilts to help not only the victims who survived, but the families of victims who perished, as well as first responders, nurses, police officers, etc.

The Orlando MQG is asking for a minimum of 102 quilts — one for each survivor, and one for the families of each victim who perished. Any quilts that surpass that number will be given to first responders, and then distributed to the LGBT community in Orlando via organizations like The Center and Zebra Coalition.

Rainbow hearts are the design theme, and members are asked to submit either finished quilts (strongly encouraged) or 10-inch blocks with at least one heart. See the gallery below for block and quilt ideas, or visit our Pinterest board for more inspiration. You can also use this tutorial for a 10-inch heart block by Cluck Cluck Sew (or this paper piecing version by Elizabeth Dackson).

If you’re part of a guild, we encourage you to sign up as a whole guild and coordinate locally to make a finished quilt (or quilts). This will help ease the strain on Orlando MQG members. They’re asking for quilts larger than 48″ x 60″ but no larger than a twin. The Orlando MQG is also accepting quilt tops, binding and backings.

How to help:

  • Please sign up using this form so the Orlando MQG knows what to expect and when items will arrive.
  • When you’re ready to ship, please print out this form and place it in the box with your quilt or other items.
  • Ship the quilt to:
    Alissa Lapinsky

    c/o A List Hair Salon
    106 South Woodland Blvd
    Suite B
    DeLand, FL 32720
  • Please post photos and follow #quiltsforpulse on Instagram for ongoing updates. You can also find more information on the Orlando MQG’s website, here.

Blocks are due August 15 and quilts are due September 15. Thank you for your support!


If you want to add a button to your blog to promote awareness, feel free to use this image:


128 thoughts on “#QuiltsforPulse Charity Drive with the Orlando MQG

  1. I think this is fabulous! I will make a finished quilt and send before September 15th. Thank you for doing this

  2. The Orlando blog post specifically calls out the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial – the instructions here are different – which is the “proper” set of instructions? Thanks.

    • If you are submitting blocks, they can be any style as long as they’re 10″ square (the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial just happens to finish at that size). If you’re making a whole quilt, you can make blocks of any style and size.

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  4. please let me know if you need a longarmer for a quilt or two. as a gay man, I hurt more than I think I can bear. Thank you so much for organizing this,

  5. What is address that the quilts/blocks should be sent to? Thanks. –Ann Kahnemail: anrkahn@yahoo.com

    From: The Modern Quilt Guild To: anrkahn@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2016 5:00 PM Subject: [New post] #QuiltsforPulse Charity Drive with the Orlando MQG #yiv8438588801 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8438588801 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8438588801 a.yiv8438588801primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8438588801 a.yiv8438588801primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8438588801 a.yiv8438588801primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8438588801 a.yiv8438588801primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8438588801 WordPress.com | themodernquiltguild posted: “The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is collecting quilts and blocks for the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12, and MQG members around the world are invited to participate. The goal is to gather enough quilts to help not only the victims who” | |

  6. I am so excited to participate in this cause. I posted on fb that I wanted to do something. Great.

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  9. Am going to try to send along a finished quilt (according to direction) by Sept. 15..After 10 years of struggle here in MA it was the AA people of Ft. Lauderdale that has helped give my son his life back! The people affected by such “horror” must have all the support that people can muster. GB

  10. What a wonderful outreach. I’m in. I will be working with another person locally to send in blocks for her to put together.

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  12. Our guild – Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild – is going to make blocks this Saturday and the great folks at Intrepid Thread will finish the quilt. My husband and I have designed our own quilt to remember the people lost in such a senseless way in Orlando. Thank you everyone for the love and compassion.

  13. I have 6 blocks (one of each color of the rainbow) ready to send to you. I got the address from your guild website. Thank you.

  14. I have a completed rainbow colored batik quilt, but no hearts–is that acceptable for what you are doing?

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  22. Please remember the lab workers at ORMC. They dispensed 490 units of packed red blood cells, plus plasma and platelets in one night. That is a ton of blood type matching and antibody testing, especially since giving someone the wrong type of blood is fatal. They are not seen, but their essential work supports the efforts of doctors and nurses…

    (and I’ll be contributing to the cause.)

    • Great comment, flyergrad! The lab is frequently on skeleton staffing for evenings and weekends….and definitely overlooked. Doc’s and nurses make critical decisions based upon the test result numbers that get reported…

  23. I started working on my blocks as soon as I heard about it. I am so happy to be able to do something. While I am sewing, I try to think about the good things in life and pray that this never happens again.
    The blocks are easy to make and go pretty fast!

  24. I will have at least one quilt to send in Sept. Thank you so much for thinking of this.

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  29. I want to offer a few quilters out there my long arm quilting services for free. I don’t have the $ to make quilts right now (I’m a college student!), but I have a little time to quilt, bind and ship them and would love to help.

    • Check out some of the Thrift shops – Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. There may be clothing that is not suitable to sell due to tears, broken zippers, etc. These are available for free or sold by weight for a very cheap cost. While the clothing itself is worthless, the fabric can be re-purposed and given new life in quilting squares or appliques. Just wash the fabric well before using….

  30. I would like to offer my longarm services to anyone who could ship me the pieces of their quilts. I don’t have much money to do quilts (I’m a college student), but would love to help with quilting, binding and shipping.

    Please reply if you’d be interested.

    • If we ship you quilt tops, batting, and backing shortly after Aug 20, could you get some done on time? There will be at least 4 that are 50 x 60 or a bit larger.

  31. The Fist Unitarian Society of Ithaca, New York Quilting Group is all IN. We hope that this small good thing will bring comfort to a family or first responder.

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  35. This is so awesome.
    Thank you for all the love.
    My friend is a quilter and is working in heart blocks.
    So wonderful!
    It’s something we can do.
    Denise Davis
    Denver Colorado

    • I have 24 blocks that Susana Solano, Janet Aguilar, and myself have done. May I please have an address to mail them to. Irene Violette


  36. Susana and I will be making blocks to mail to you. Doing at least 12 blocks more if time allows us.

  37. I have a finished quilt. Do you want me to wash it before I send it or do you want them “un-crinkled”?

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  48. Our Church sewing group from Christ the Lord Lutheran Church of Elgin Il. has 5 quilt tops ready. We made our own design (rainbow hearts appliquéd on white) and if I can figure out how to share the picture I will. We can sandwich (bundle) them with batting and backing but we are looking for a longarmer in the Kane, Cook, McHenry DuPage area of Chicago Il.

  49. Alissa, I need to know if you received our quilt in the mail from the Estates Blvd. Quilters in NJ. Thank you. Rebecca Chianese

  50. Please add my quilt guild to the list: Champlain Valley Quilt Guild, located in Essex, Vermont.

    • Elgin Illinois here. We did 5 tops just like this one. They measure around 52×68. They are appliqued rainbow hearts on white with light blue sashing.  We really don’t have the finances to provide backing and batting but we can send the binding. It will match the sashing. Blue stars. “Our hearts are in heaven”We will be sending then the beginning of next week. Around the 13. Our pastor will be blessing them on Sunday and we hope you can put them to good use. Patty Harrer 1-847-931-2259 H224-532-7338 C  I can text too.

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  56. Wonderful idea ! My quilt is in the works & I hope to get others from my guild involved.
    Bessings to you all in this effort.

  57. I am mailing a pieced top, backing and binding to Alissa tomorrow–7/25. Looks like there are a lot of participants. Glad to see it. Wish we could heal the whole world with quilts.

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  59. I was planning on shipping my quilt this week. But due to unforeseen problems with my longarm, it won’t be ready until the end of September. I realize this is past the due date. I can always hold onto it and donate it to another wuilt request. So sorry.

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  61. Perfect way to show some love to all those effected by such a tragedy. Lots of blocks on the way. I will be shipping out a box of 250 heart blocks tomorrow from the Liberty Quilters group in Dover NH.

  62. My quilt is finished and i am hoping to send it your way next week or 2… I LOVE how it turned out:))

  63. Are finished quilt *tops* plus batting and backing acceptable, if we can’t get them quilted ourselves?

  64. Mary Bye, Chaska, Minnesota, Sending off our finished “Rainbow Heart Quilt” this week. My little sewing group of six (Carol, Vicki, Bonnie, Jamie, Kristine and me) is proud to help and hopes our quilt is a comfort to whoever receives it.

  65. My quilt should have arrived! I don’t think i have the tracking number:(,,, but i hope that it has arrived at the Salon and will be moved in the right direction…. Such a wonderful thing you are all doing… Bless You:))

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  67. Mailing out my quilt tomorrow! I promised you one back in July! Thank you for organizing this – so great to see all the updates about quilts on their way. Am wondering what things look like on the receiving end! Must be overwhelming – but in a good way.

  68. I just saw on the news about your organization . I think what you are doing is just short of a blessing. Will I’m not a quilter & I didn’t know about your call for supplies, with that being said, if there are any left over quilts I would like to buy one in my attempt to help raise money & awareness to this senseless tragedy that happened to all of us! Please keep me in mind, & thank you.

  69. I sent off my quilt today…a bittersweet moment since it was near and dear to my heart. One thing that I thought would be a help would be to provide mild washing instructions with each quilt. My fabric was all pre-washed, but with all the reds that are on these quilts, it could be a big disappointment when they are 1st washed by the recipient.

    Also, some type of video when they are presented that can be shared would be very special to see. Thanks for this great service and I’m hoping that my quilt gives some warmth and happiness to whomever gets it…
    Thanks again,
    Kathy Ray

    • Did you get the twelve appliqued blocks plus extra fabric that Susana Solano, Irene Violette, and Janet Aguilar sent y’all from Sierra Vista, AZ.


  70. I am shipping my finished quilt today. I know it is past the deadline, but I figure you will find a special home for it anyway. I did read that those which your wonderful volunteers are assembling and quilting will hopefully be completed by October 8th. I figured that means it is OK to send this one. It would have been finished over a month ago, but met with an almost total disaster and had to be disassembled and remade with much new fabric, in a slightly smaller size-read weird sized blocks, sashes, and piano keys. This of course took way longer than the original top assembly, which was ready to sandwich when the almost total disaster happened. This has been a labor of prayer and love and a huge lesson in grit and patience for me, but that is nothing when compared to what those impacted by the nightclub disaster have experienced and will continue to experience for their lifetimes. Thanks so much for the tremendous effort and time commitment to make this a reality!

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  72. My offering is later than late, but life intervened in my plans and a couple rounds of bronchitis laid me low. At long last this is finished and I’m sending it your way. I hope you can still put it to good use….thanks for all your hard work putting this charitable effort together!
    Sue L.
    West Hartford, CT

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