QuiltCon Charity Quilt Spotlight: Kansas City MQG

Completed Quilt 2

The creation of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon 2016 charity quilt, Strata Steps, was truly a group effort. The guild asked members to complete improv strata blocks using one focus color from the list of provided colors. Blocks had to be at least 12” x 12”.

During the presentation of how the guild would be approaching the challenge, Community Service Committee Chair Kristin Marciniak made the tactical error of pointing out that lime green was not one of the MQG-approved colors. She would live to regret that, as the rest of the meeting was peppered with questions like, “What about lime green? Can we use that color?” and “Wait, so the blocks are supposed to be entirely lime green?”


Members posted on the guild Facebook group as they created their strata blocks and turned them in at the next couple of guild meetings. The KCMQG knows how to keep a joke going, so the threads were filled with lime green jokes and questions. But the more than 20 blocks collected fit the MQG’s color guidelines to a T. (The bag of blocks Kristin received from cheeky friends was another story altogether.)

Top in progress

Members then met at a Community Service Committee sewing day to help determine how to put the blocks together into a quilt top. During the sew day, Kristin and Jaime David posted a picture of the strata blocks on the guild Facebook group to let other members weigh in on how to put the top together. A few recommendations were made and, of course, members made sure to point out the lack of lime green blocks in the photo. Making a decision was harder than we thought, and by the end of the day, a quilt top was still not completed.

Luckily Jacquie Gering volunteered to take the blocks and create a quilt top. With some creative advice from Kim Eichler-Messmer, Jaime, and Denise Best, and some Kona Sunny, Rich Red, and Yarn-Dyed Essex in Black, we had a quilt top! Paula Leber put together the backing for the quilt and Denise quilted it with her long arm. It was then handed off to Shea Henderson for binding and sleeve and label creation. Shea transferred it to Jessica Toye to bring to the January guild meeting where Lesley Latham took over for this blog post and shipping.


Label ready for labeling

There were quite a few steps and people involved for this quilt to exist, but it was worth it for the oohs and ahhs when the finished quilt was presented to the members during Show & Tell at the January meeting. Thank you to everyone who contributed blocks and/or helped with each step of the creation process. And next year, we’re voting for lime green.


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