Submissions now open for 2016 webinars!

Do you want to lead an MQG webinar in 2016? We want to hear from you! 

call for webinarsWe’re looking for teachers and presenters to lead one-hour webinars, which are free to MQG members. Each webinar is recorded and later posted on the members-only portion of the MQG website. Presenters will be compensated for their time.

Topics can include:

  • Modern quilting techniques
  • Modern quilt design principles
  • Elements of running a creative business
  • Sewing together (bees, swaps, etc.)
  • Tips, tricks and ideas for guilds
  • Panel discussions with multiple presenters

But if you have another idea, please pitch it! Presentations are accompanied by a slide deck. Any resources you wish to share will be posted on Community along with the webinar recording.

Please submit your idea to this form, and if it’s a fit, someone from the MQG will be in touch!

3 thoughts on “Submissions now open for 2016 webinars!

    • Good point! Some modern quilters are using old techniques to create new, modern designs, but others are creating entirely new techniques! A good example of this is the slice and insert technique by Jacquie Gering or the modern way that Christina Cameli is using wedges (one of our 2015 webinar topics).

      If you have more questions, feel free to email, and I will do my best to answer them.


  1. I am interested in the webinars … but no disrespect to Jacquie ( I googled her slice and insert projects) but the blocks, quilts, project look like JEAN WELL and Joe Cunningham quilts from 4-5 years ago. Maybe her technique is better but the finished quilts & blocks look like quilts made with techniques that have been around for several years…. so how can they be considered Modern?

    I have not found any information Christine Cameli’s wedge technique but I will keep looking.

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