MQG Exhibit at International Quilt Festival


One of the great things about going to Quilt Market is getting the first peek at the MQG showcase at the International Quilt Festival! We had a stellar show this year with lots of diverse modern quilts. The photos below give a nice overview on how the show looks and feels. Best of all, all of these quilts will make an appearance at QuiltCon in Pasadena!


From L to R: Big Love by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Comma Comet by Pam Biswas


From L to R: Tidy Towns: Irish Houses by Andrew Steinbrecher, Modern Amish II by Mickey Beebe



From L to R: Line Study #1 by Andrew Steinbrecher, Balancing Act by Amanda Hohnstreiter, Bullseye by Vicki Ruebel


From L to R: Paper Cranes by Sylvia Schaefer, Huckleberry by Rebecca Bryan


From L to R: Spare Change by Betsy Vinegrad, Pineapple Variation by Alexis Deise


From L to R: Twisted Sisters Quilt by Stephanie Z. Ruyle, Fruit Flavors by Mary A. Menzer



From L to R: 5/325 by Hillary Goodwin, Embers by Stephanie Z. Ruyle



From L to R: Kintsugi I (Medallion) by Alexis Deise, Life in the ER Quilt by Hillary Goodwin



From L to R: Trimmings 2015 – The Cog by Amy Gunson, Pointed Statement by Amy B. Friend, Echoes by Leanne M. Chahley



From L to R: When Oceans Rise by Amanda Hohnstreiter, Corsage by Stacey Day




From L to R: Wavelength by Rebecca Bryan, Pixels by Ashley Nickels



From L to R: Rain by Christa Watson, Random Perfection by Wanda A Dotson



From L to R: Home by Jessica Skultety, Puddling by Amy B Friend, Diamonds in the Rough by Tina Guthmann



6 thoughts on “MQG Exhibit at International Quilt Festival

  1. Just to clarify, The Twisted Sisters Quilt was a Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild entry. I participated in the design and construction along with 22 other (very) talented members of our Guild. I had the honor of entering the quilt, hence my name on the paperwork. The other piecers/quilters beside me are: Teresa Barbagallo, Wendy Bermingham, Amdrea Berryhill, Chelsea Camalick, Michelle Davis, Anne Deister, Charlayne Dunn, Heather Ferguson, Carla Keahey, Teri Ladtkow, Lauren Lang, Marsha Loewenbery, Dena Mehling, Sheri Nichols, Christine Perrigo, Katie Rapp, Wendy Roth, Judy Sanclaria, Susan Santistevan, Shelby Skumanich, and Amy Wade.

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