QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge!

We are thrilled to announce the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge! This is one of the MQG’s largest-scale charity projects and we look forward to getting as many guilds as possible involved in the challenge.

The 2015 QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge is a bit different from the 2013 QuiltCon Block challenge. Please read carefully.

This year’s challenge requires participating Modern Quilt Guilds to work collaboratively to create completed quilts using a predetermined color palette and alternate grid work design. This can be accomplished by using blocks of different sizes, adding negative space, or in numerous other creative ways. We’ll have a series of blog posts about design and color for these quilts.

Week of August 18: Working with the Color Palette

Week of August 25: What is Alternate Grid Work and How to Use It

Leaders of all of the local MQGs will be sent a sign up link in order to get their guild signed up. Please make sure this is filled out by September 30, 2014.

The MQG will feature selected guilds and their quilts in a series of blog posts about these charity quilts in Spring 2015. So make sure you get your leaders your best photos of your process and stories!

Something else that is a bit different this year is guilds will be able to donate the finished quilt to their local communities! After the quilts are displayed at QuiltCon, guilds are asked to donate the completed quilt to their local children’s shelters.

The deadline for these quilts is January 3, 2015.

Attention Individual members!

If you are interested in contributing to a quilt bee style, fill out the form we will be sending in email soon. We will work to get groups together according to zip code and/or country to keep your traveling/shipping charges low.

In Review:

Guild Leaders and Individual Members sign up via the online form the receive via emailed newsletter.

Design the quilt!

  • Guilds will complete a quilt using the predetermined color palette of white, light gray, chartreuse, burnt orange, sky blue, cerise and a deep turquoise.
  • Guilds will complete a quilt using alternate grid work.
  • If your guild decides to use a pattern, be sure to get permission from the pattern designer!


Work Together

  • Your guild and/or members will provide the blocks for the quilt.
  • Your guild will provide batting, backing, binding and additional fabric to complete the quilt top.
  • Quilts should be no smaller than 68”x 88” and not greater than 72” x 92”
  • Quilting must be no farther apart than 2”. These quilts will be used, so please make sure they are sturdy.
  • Machine sewn bindings are ok.

Blog Post (optional)

  • Your guild will submit an optional blog post with 3-4 accompanying photos discussing the process of designing and completing your guild’s quilt by January 14, 2015.
  • We will email directions on submitting your content in October.

If you need help, please visit the Community site or feel free to email our QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge Coordinator, (Amy Friend at amybfriend@gmail.com)

Thank you for your interest in completing the QuiltCon 2015 Charity Quilt Challenge.

The following sponsors have bundles for this challenge:


Pink Castle Fabric

Pink Chalk Fabrics

Rock Paper Scissors

Sew Modern

The Intrepid Thread 

Are you or your guild interested in becoming a part of the MQG? Read about membership here.

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