QuiltCon Quilt Show Entry Process

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Next up from the Education Committee are the details about the QuiltCon Quilt Show entry process.

First, you’ll need to decide if you want to enter a quilt in the general show or tackle one of our show challenges. Let’s get you the details about those challenges:

Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge:

Members will receive eight fat eighths of fabric when they sign up for this challenge. Quilts primarily use solids from Michael Miller’s Spring Cotton Couture Pastels. Additional solid Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics are permitted. Michael Miller prints are permitted on the binding and the back. These quilts will then be entered it into the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge category! The top prize for this category is $500! All MQG members have been emailed a newsletter with details of how to get fabric from Michael Miller. Space is limited, so if you’re interested you’ll have to sign up now! Remember that you don’t have to get the free fabric to be involved – all you have to do is use the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture line in your quilt!

Panasonic Bias Tape Applique Challenge:

What better way to flex your creative modern quilt design muscles than to make use bias tape applique in your design? Make a modern quilt featuring bias tape applique and submit it to the Panasonic Bias Tape Applique Challenge. You could win the $500 prize sponsored by Panasonic! Watch an MQG tutorial on how to make bias tape here.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of getting your quilts submitted!

Quilt entry is online and you may access the entry form on Art Call, here.  You may submit up to three quilts per registration and more than one registration is allowed. The entry fee for each registration is $30 whether it’s 1 quilt or 3. The process is easy and self-explanatory, but you’ll want to have a few things prepared before you begin the entry process.

What to prepare

The first decision you will need to make is if your quilt will be entered as part of the judged show or for exhibit only. While the QuiltCon quilt show is primarily a judged show, you have an option to choose not to have your quilt judged. If you enter your quilt for exhibit only, and it is juried in, it will hang with the other quilts, but it will not be judged and it will not be eligible for any of the show prizes.

You’ll also need to decide if you’d like your quilt to be for sale while it’s hanging at QuiltCon. Remember that you can’t retroactively decide to not sell it, so think ahead as you make this decision!

Before you go online to enter, have jpeg photographs of your quilt ready to upload before you start the process. You will need a flat shot of the quilt that shows the entire quilt including the binding as well as a close-up of the quilt that shows the piecing and quilting in detail. Clear, well-lit, quality photographs are essential. You want your quilt to look its best and the jury to be able to see the whole quilt and the detail clearly. This is not the time to take fancy photos with cute backgrounds that have the quilt draped or folded over a chair. Read this information for more information on photographing your quilt for show entry.

You will also need:

  1. The name of your quilt
  2. Dimensions of the quilt
  3. Names of all the makers who contributed to the making of the quilt including the quilter or binder
  4. Information on the design source, inspiration, pattern, technique or design process used in the quilt (It is essential that you have documented permission for designs that are not your own.)
  5. A 100-word description of the inspiration, story, or making of the quilt. This description may be read to the judges to help them understand the quilt, so please don’t include information which will allow them to identify the maker.

Remember, if you don’t enter you have no chance to be part of this amazing modern quilt show so don’t hold back and get your beautiful modern quilts entered into the QuiltCon Quilt Show! You have until November 30th, 2014, so get sewin’!

-See you then!
The MQG Education Committee

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