Michael Miller Fabric Challenge: The Winners are…



We are so pleased to announce the three winners of the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.

Picnic Petals by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill a Southern Connecticut MQG Member

scifaldi FRONT

The inspiration for my quilt, Picnic Petals, was the Petal Pinwheels fabric collection as a whole, but specifically the Tile Pile pattern. Going into the challenge, I looked at a lot of photos of pinwheels, flowers and sketched elements of these objects to study how I could convey organic shapes and movement and a block quilt. As a relatively new quilter (only 2 years), this was the first time I worked with curved elements. This challenge encouraged me to work with fabric patterns and techniques I might not normally work with. Many thanks to The Modern Quilt Guild, Michael Miller Fabrics and the wonderfully-talented women of the newly formed Southern Connecticut Modern Quilt Guild. They are constant source of inspiration and knowledge for me.


Spinning Mills by Michelle Hart a Phoenix MQG Member


My inspiration for this quilt started with the name of the collection, Petal Pinwheels. I knew I wanted the quilt to show a lot of movement. I used a combination of colors from Cotton Couture solids, Petal Pinwheels fabrics, and a few from my stash to create the geometric design. I wanted to offset this with contrasting quilting to add another layer of movement. I quilted it using coral, yellow, green and turquoise 50 wt. Aurifil. The lines started more compact and then spread out like a ripple in water. The back is leftover scraps and dark gray dumb dots.  It is a simpler design, but just as fun as the front. This was a very fun challenge to put together!


and the moon at night by Colleen Molen an Individual member


My inspiration for this quilt came while browsing for a new kindle cover. I was drawn to a piece of art and knew I had to make it into a quilt. This is the most fun I have ever had throughout the entire quilt-making process, from design to choosing just the right solids, and even quilting concentric circles and burying hundreds and hundreds of thread ends. Sewing the binding on (by hand, which I hardly ever do!) happened during an emotional time for me. As I thought about what to name it, several people suggested names related to the sunrise. I was reminded of an old Broadway song and knew that “with the sun in the mornin’ and the moon in the evening” I’d be all right. And I feel happy every time I look at it hanging on my wall.

Congratulations to all of you!

There were so many amazing entries to this challenge that a congrats is due to all of the participants. Thanks so much to all of our wonderful and talented members for making this another successful challenge.

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  1. That first one makes me want to buy the new Accuquilt Flowering Snowball die! Wow! They should put a picture of this quilt on the package! Love it!

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