QuiltCon Tips: Anne Sullivan

Registration for QuiltCon 2015 is June 24 (members only). That leaves you with SEVEN days to figure out your schedule! This week we wanted to share some advice from members that attended in 2013.

The first few tips come from Anne Sullivan of the South Bay Area MQG.


QuiltCon 2013 was such an amazing time! I generally give anyone who asks two pieces of advice. The first is to not over-schedule yourself! I took two full-day workshops and I felt that was about all I could handle. The workshops are fantastic, but there’s so many other great things going on and people to meet and random encounters to have! I also ended up feeling pretty creatively spent by the end of the second workshop. I was glad for some downtime the third day.

The second piece of advice is to volunteer! I ended up volunteering on a whim, and it was so much fun. QuiltCon is huge and (for me at least) somewhat intimidating to know where to start or how to meet people. By volunteering I was able to meet great people and get a behind-the-scenes peek at things so I had a better idea of what QuiltCon had to offer. Plus the staff and the other volunteers are just awesome people,
and we had a blast together!


Thanks Anne for sharing your thoughts. Working with you as a volunteers was a blast!

Did you go to QuiltCon 2013 and want to share some tips? Email us at info@themodernquiltguild.com.

Important dates to remember:

June 17  Discount code and registration tutorial sent to all members
June 23  Acceptance letters for Super Volunteers sent
June 24  Registration open for all MQG members 8 am PDT/11 am EDT
July 1  Registration open to non members
July 30  Last day to cancel QuiltCon registration and receive a full refund

Quilt Show Entries and Contest
June 27  Submissions for MQG Special Exhibit at International Quilt Festival close
June 30  QuiltCon Design Challenge submission close
July 1  Submissions for QuiltCon quilt show open (details coming soon)

8 thoughts on “QuiltCon Tips: Anne Sullivan

  1. I see that you are charging for each lecture this time due to people complaining. But, the lecture pass was great for me and my friends last year because we got to see and learn from lecturers that we didn’t know. It was a great opportunity and I hope you can offer both ways to purchase the lecture series.

    • Hi Kim,

      The price is the same as it was in 2013, however due to capacity issues we needed to have them separate. Plus this way, if you only want to see one lecture in the day you don’t have to pay for the whole day!

  2. Volunteering was the best part of QuiltCon for me. I was the only person attending form the UK (as far as I know) so knew pretty much nobody when I arrived. I met fantastic people and made some great friends while volunteering. I really hope I get to do it again next time!

  3. I agree with Anne that it’s important not to over schedule yourself! I took 1.5 days of workshops in 2013 and that was perfect for me!

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  5. Great suggestions, Anne! My two full days of excellent workshops left no time for lectures. So much going on that you don’t want to miss.

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