Call for QuiltCon Teachers 2015!

We are looking for experienced instructors who can teach techniques of interest to modern quilters. In general, we like a balance of technique based and project based workshops.

Workshops should be three hours (half-day) or six hours (full-day) in length. We are not accepting multi-day workshops at this time. In addition, we are accepting 45-minute lecture proposals. Workshops should fit into the following types of rooms:

  • Sewing Room – equipped with sewing machines
  • Long-arm machine room – equipped with long-arms
  • Silkscreen/block printing room – surface protected room with nearby sink access.
  • Dye room – surface protected studio with sink access
  • Handwork room – no machines
  • Lecture hall

You are welcome to submit any workshop proposal. All workshop proposals must be accompanied by a photo sample of the workshop.

When completing your application, please keep in mind the Modern Quilt Guild covers travel expenses of our instructors including: airfare/mileage, hotel and a meal per diem. Unless you are local, the majority of our instructors teach a minimum of two full days and one lecture.

To be considered please download the MQG Instructor Application and send it to by March 4th, 2014.

Thank you! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. for a moment I thought it was in Salt Lake City because of that FB graphic.
    So glad it’s Austin! (no offense to SL, UT)

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