MQG Member Spotlight: Christine Slaughter

Meet Christine, another one of our MQG Community Moderators. Like most of us, Christine found quilting and ran with it! Her stash is already hefty and totally organized.


When did you become a MQG member? Do you belong to a guild or are you an individual member?

I became a member as soon as it was available to Individual members. My nearest MQG is about two and a half hours away, so I was thrilled when I read that an Individual membership option was going to become available!

When did you first find modern quilting?

I have only been quilting for about a year and a half. The first time I really noticed that there was a modern quilting movement was when Alyssa Lichner of Pile O’ Fabric and Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks had The Totally Groovy Quilt Along in July of 2012. I was really intrigued by the quilt, but too new to the craft and too intimidated with curved piecing to participate.
CS Quilt

What is your favorite part of the quilt making process?

Piecing! I love it! Especially now that I’ve gotten down that scant 1/4” seam that eluded every block of mine for the first 6 months of sewing.
After laying out all the Broken Herringbone blocks  yesterday, Mister decided he didn't want the green or yellow blocks. After some internal pouting, I put on my big girl panties and started cutting strips of blue, teal, red-violet, and purple to replace

How do you educate yourself on new techniques?

We have a saying at our house that is used often (particularly with the kids): “Google is your friend”. I use the internet to research everything! Pretty much every hobby I have ever learned, I learned online. For quilting in particular, I read blogs, watch videos, google tutorials, scour Pinterest, whatever it takes! I have also taken a few Craftsy classes. There is such a huge community out there willing to help and encourage, and always with a friendly attitude. Currently, I am participating in Pile O’Fabric’s Skill Builder BOM, specifically to challenge myself with new techniques. I have learned A LOT this year!

Skill Builder BOM - Em Dash Quilted

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from all the bloggers I read. I always see such creative and beautiful projects, and sometimes they are accompanied with tips/tricks to help motivate me to start on a new project. Usually before finishing the current project, I might add…
July 3rd sewing: "Shattered Chevron"

What is your most used and favorite quilting tool?

Most used? I think it’s a tie between my Olfa rotary cutter and Gingher thread snips. I’m always reaching for one of the two! Favorite tool? My FriXion pen. Before I bought that, I always had the hardest time marking my fabric.
I mentioned to Mister.yesterday that a couple of hooks on the ruler rack he made me would be awesome. That way I could hang my cutter and nippers. Today he adds this. So now I have all my cutting tools available!  #heismrfixit #jackofalltrades #ilovemyhus

What is the funniest mistake you’ve made while sewing?

Hmmm… I’m not sure that I have had any I would call funny (at the time). I think the most exasperated sewing experience that made me chuckle later was when I carefully sewed a paper-pieced block. After assembling it, I realized that one of the corners that had a directional fabric was going in the wrong direction. Since I was trying really hard to get this particular block perfect, I ripped that corner off, printed out a new pattern, cut new fabric pieces out, and carefully sewed it back together. I took my picture of the re-completed block, posted it to Flickr, and then realized I had made the exact same mistake! At that point I said “forget it” (actually, it was a more choice word than that!), and left it be. I chuckle every time I see that block!

Show us your sewing space!

I’m SO glad I just completely reorganized my little sewing area! My husband and I had a motorhome garage and an extra two car deep garage built last year (a necessity in Arizona with the heat), and after that was finished we walled off the back of our first boat-deep garage to make a hobby room to share. My sewing area occupies the back corner, along with a daybed for my husband to snooze on when I’m sewing. He also just built a wall storage unit for my birthday, and we completely organized all of our supplies. He’s not into fancy-schmancy, so it’s all bare wood, fresh from the hardware store. Still, it’s a lot neater in there, and my need for organization has been fed with all-the-same-style type of storage boxes. I also just bought 300 comic book boards and wrapped all my fabric (FQ’s up to 1.5 yds) on them. I’d love a book case to store them on, but for now my big Sterilite storage drawer unit will have to do!
CS Studio 2

CS Studio 1

What sewing machine do you sew on?

I sew on a Brother PQ1500-S. I was shopping around for a different high-speed straight stitch machine earlier this year, and a sewing machine shop in Las Vegas recommended this machine and one other. This one was in my price range, and had everything I wanted! I started saving money for it, but my husband surprised me and bought it for an anniversary present this past May. The man knows the way to my heart, I tell ya! My other machine is a smaller Brother XL-3750 machine. Nothing fancy, but is able to do other stitches that my straight stitch machine can not do, should I need them.
CS Machine

If you could take a class from anyone in the quilting world who would it be?

Angela Walters… I just started learning to FMQ when I got my sewing machine, and I would love to learn from her! For now her books and Craftsy classes will have to do!

Thanks for taking the time to share yourself with us Christine! I know others will be inspired by you just as you are inspired by others.
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  1. Christine, congrats – what a great spotlight! I love your quilts, the bright colors you choose and the bold geometric designs. And, I love, love, love your sewing space. You are so organized!

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  3. Hi Christine, just joined MQG and was checking out the website. Love your herringbone quilt, very effective. I’ve never seen herringbone done that way before.

  4. I’ve just joined the MQG and haven’t had a chance to browse around too much yet but am glad to have found this feature on you. Lovely the Broken Herringbone and your new space. I too wrapped my stash on board – isn’t it great? Enjoy your Brother 1500S, that’s the machine I used and adored for years but mine needs a new electrical board boo hoo, I miss it.

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