Member Spotlight: Andres

Meet Andres, a brand new quilter/sewist who picked up his first needle and thread in 2012. Honestly, you would never guess he was newbie. His designs and eye for color is truly inspiring.

Andres is also one of our forum moderators over on the Community site. He’s quick with a helpful suggestion, link and great graphic to show you whatever you need to know to navigate the site! We so appreciate the time he takes to volunteer. THANK YOU!


When did you become a MQG member? 

I became a MQG member in July. I joined with the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild. It was always the intention of the VMQG founding members to join a national organization and we joined as soon as it was available.


When did you first find modern quilting? 

My first exposure to modern quilting was in late winter 2011. A local fabric shop (superbuzzy) that was online-only opened a brick-and-mortar shop in Oct-Nov and my roommate (who was already interested in the modern quilt aesthetic) and I started hanging out there. Mind you, at the time I didn’t sew/quilt/etc. but what I saw interested me. In January 2012 we founded the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild. The first thing I sewed was our guild’s February block challenge.


What is your favorite part of the quilt making process? 

My favorite part of the quilt making process is that initial spark of of inspiration for a new quilt. There’s nothing like that first “hey, you know what would be awesome…” moment.


How do you educate yourself on new techniques? 

I educate myself by reading blogs, asking my roommate for advice, consulting my guild mates and local shop owner. I ask a lot of questions.


Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everyday things I see and the work of my peers.


What is your most used and favorite quilting tool? 

A rotary cutter. There’s no way I’d quilt without one.


What is the funniest mistake you’ve made while sewing?

Funniest mistake? Is sewing two pieces together the wrong way funny? It is after it’s fixed. I’ve also nicked myself with a rotary blade while cutting/drinking. The cut wasn’t bad so I laughed it off. I also don’t drink and cut anymore.


Show us your sewing space! 

My sewing space, I like to keep it modular so I can move tables around depending on what I’m doing.


What sewing machine do you sew on? 

I sew on a Janome Horizon 7700QCP. I recently bought a Singer Featherweight from 1946 (according to the internet, at least).



If you could take a class from anyone in the quilting world who would it be? 

I would have said Jacquie Gering but I’m taking a class from her at Road to California next year! There’s too many brilliant people I’d love to take classes from. My second pick for Road was Lisa Sipes, she looks like one cool cat. A long quilt retreat with Joe Cunningham would be totally awesome too.

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  1. I am curious where the table for the Singer Featherweight came from… I would love one like that. Can you share your source?? Thanks. Cool quilts!

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