SewDown Philadelphia: Liesl Gibson

We had some pretty amazing teachers in Philadelphia.  I had meet Liesl briefly at Quilt Market in Portland. But I was just a giddy giggly fan and I’m sure she didn’t even remember me! When I found out she was a teacher at the SewDown and I was going to work I was so excited to get to spend some time listening in on her classes.

Liesl is so talented! I knew this, but hearing her teach and explain steps to her students was so cool. She taught them so many different ways to add texture and dimension to their quilts. You can read about what her class was about here.

SewDown Day Two 094

SewDown Day Two 104

SewDown Day Two 079

SewDown Day Two 080

SewDown Day Two 050

Thank you Liesl for the great time. It was a pleasure to get to know you a bit better and I know that everyone of your students learned so much! My favorite quote was “I didn’t think there was anything new that I was going to learn but I learned so much my head is swimming!” I think that’s the sign of a great class…

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  2. Wow! Gathers in a quilt. That is the essence of The Modern Quilt Movement–a new application of a traditional technique.

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