The Amazing Lecturers-SewDown Philadelphia

Well, SewDown Philadelphia is over and most of us are home. It was sad to leave our new friends but I know that a few of them will be coming to Portland! My intention while at the SewDown was to blog each day. But really what was I thinking? It was just too much fun! Trying to sit down and edit photos and recap the day just took a back seat to having fun. I wanted to sew and talk to people! We did post quite a few photos on Instagram.

We were so lucky to be able to have had three talented people speak to us during lunches and dinners at the SewDown in Philadelphia.

Michelle Engel Bencsko shared with the group her journey in Growing A Creative Business. It was great to hear how her and her partner Gina Pantastico were able to successfully create a thriving sustainable business-Cloud 9 Fabrics! Michelle gave the group fantastic insights to their business and shared a bit of what is to come for Cloud 9 Fabrics!  Learn more about Michelle’s work, life and musings on her personal blog Cicada Daydream.
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Victoria Findlay Wolfe a prolific quilter, author and mother shared her quilt making process with us. Her story was truly amazing. Hearing about hear design process really inspired the group to try something new. To go outside our comfort zones and “make the quilt you said you’d never make!” As well as “give you quilts some guts-make your quilts your own, you never know where it’s going to take you.” You can read more about Victoria on her blog.
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Jay McCarroll was entertaining as ever! Hearing about his beginnings, travels, experiences and where he is headed (super exciting things on the horizon for him) was fantastic. Jay is as charismatic as he seems. The conversation took an interesting turn into the cost of handmade products and products in the US and where we as consumers and makers can help change where consumerism is headed. Thank you Jay for your insights and sharing your story with us. Stay up to date with Jay on his website.
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  1. Thanks for post about all the interesting lectures. I’m wondering if it might be possible in the future for videos of some of the lecturers (or tutorials) be made for the benefit of members not able to attend? Even if it’s a fee based option for members it would be a great benefit for those of us overseas (I’m American but presently live in Australia). It would be a real selling point for the guild as well to interest new members.


    McKenna Powell Perth, Western Australia

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