SewDown Philadelphia: Setting up!

Hi everyone! It’s Jen the Communications Manager for the MQG. We are at our first SewDown in Philadelphia! Philly is such a great city. It’s my first time here and I’m totally loving it. It’s beautiful, clean, historic, and we’ve had some great food so far.

SewDown Philly 011

Today Alissa, myself and some awesome volunteers from the Philly MQG  spent the morning putting together the swag bags for the SewDown. Thanks Andrew for getting the volunteers arranged for us!

SewDown Philly 032

SewDown Philly 035

Check out this hotel! It is so beautiful and the staff is fantastic. Inspiration is everywhere, from the moment you step into the lobby. It’s a #theresaquiltinthat moment for sure!

SewDown Philly 026 SewDown Philly 027 SewDown Philly 029 SewDown Philly 048SewDown Philly 050

SewDown Philly 054

Tomorrow we will be checking everyone in, setting up the Janome machines and getting to know everyone at dinner. Want to follow along? Check out #sewdown on Instagram and Twitter.

Huge shoutout to Elizabeth Dackson who organized this SewDown and created a pretty awesome Matrix!

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