MQG at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Every year for the past 38 years Jean and Valori Wells  (once Valori was old enough) have been putting together a fantastic quilt show-Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show . The quaint town in Oregon turns into an outdoor quilt show for one day. The buildings in town are all lined with any kind of quilt you can image. Leading up to the one day show are classes and lectures. This year two of our board members, Alissa Haight Carlton and Elizabeth Hartman, were among those teachers.


Alissa Haight Carlton
Drip from her book Modern Minimal


Elizabeth Hartman
Neon Honey from her book Modern Patchwork.

One of the lectures that Alissa and Elizabeth gave together was  Save it for Sunday.  The lecture was focused on their different processes and the role visual elements of modern quilt design play in their work. In the outdoor walking tour, they shared their own work, collaborative projects from online quilting bees, and the QuiltCon touring show. The outdoor setting was truly beautiful and a perfect backdrop for the quilts. A few of those quilts are pictured below.


Pods designed by Heather Grant of the Austin MQG Quilted by Angela Walters
Neutral and Neon designed and made by Latifah Saafir of the Los Angeles MQG


Trajectory designed and made by Megan Dye of the Portland MQG
Broken Triangles designed and made by Hollie Lobosky of the Los Angeles MQG


Log Cabin Improv designed and made by Sherri Lynn Wood
Adrift designed By Tina Michalik of the South Bay Area MQG Quilted by Susan Spencer
Deconstructed Nine-Patch designed and made by Jaquie Gering of the Chicago MQG
The Local Quilt designed and made by Carolyn Friedlander


You Rule designed and made by Brigitte Heitland of the Bielefeld MQG
Flock of Starlings designed and made by Terri Carpenter of the East Bay MQG
Self Study, I designed and made by Chawne Kimber
Flotsom and Jetsam made by Janet McWorkman of the Anchorage MQG, Quilted by Jennie Allen, Block pattern by Rossie Hutchinson

The photos below are from the Central Oregon MQG  special exhibit (check out their blog for more photos). Guild members used  Kona Coal and Lime for this Two Plus One Challenge. Members were allowed these two colors plus one other color of their choice. The quilts could also contain prints that coordinated with the Coal and Lime.


Central Oregon MQG Special Exhibit


Central Oregon MQG Special Exhibit


Central Oregon MQG Special Exhibit


Central Oregon MQG Special Exhibit

The Portland MQG was another special exhibit that showed at Sisters. This is the third year for the Portland MQG.


Portland MQG Special Exhibit


Portland MQG Special Exhibit


Portland MQG Special Exhibit


Portland MQG Special Exhibit


Portland MQG Special Exhibit

If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show we highly recommend it! Thank you Jean and Valori for supporting the modern quilt movement and inviting so many of our guild to participate in such a fun show.

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  2. Save it for Sunday was worth the wait. Alissa and Elizabeth were fantastic. The quilts were amazing!

  3. I missed some of the Quilts featured here because of foot problem.thanks for letting me see them.Karen from Indiana

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