SewDown Philadelphia -Alexia Abegg!

Join us in Philadelphia! New friends, amazing workshops, a swanky hotel and all delicious meals included for this weekend get away!

Our next instructor is Alexia-who will be teaching-Beyond Quilting Cottons!

Class Description: Some of the most inspiring modern quilts of decades past have used every fabric available at the time. Take that inspiration and learn how to work with the plethora of fabrics available to the modern stitcher today. Expand your knowledge of how to handle a variety of fabrics such as voile, lawn, velveteen, silk, denim, chambray, and more. Students will create sample quilt blocks using a variety of fabrics learning special tips and techniques for each fabric along the way.

We asked Alexia a few questions.
What do you love about the process of teaching?

“When I’m writing a class and teaching it for the first time, I love trying to look at techniques I use daily with fresh eyes. There are so many tips and techniques that are passed on from stitcher to stitcher. I love sharing the things I’ve learned from amazing stitchers I’ve had the benefit of learning from!”

 What do you enjoy most about teaching?

“For me the most joyful moment in the teaching process comes when something just clicks for a student! I love watching my students master a new technique, and have that “aha” moment.”

What do you want your students to walk away with?

“With every class I teach I want my students to walk away with confidence, fresh ideas & techniques, and a sense of accomplishment!

I love teaching also because I feel it helps teach me! I learn what steps and techniques give stitchers trouble, and what comes easily, which helps inform my pattern writing and development.”

About Alexia Abegg

Author of Liberty Love and one third of Green Bee Design & Patterns team, Alexia Marcelle Abegg has been fascinated with the art of sewing ever since her mother lent her a sewing machine in high school. Inspired by her parent’s creativity and dedication to art throughout her life, Alexia studied fine arts and fashion in college. She has a love for watercolors, and is rarely without a sketchbook.

After trying her hand at photography, production, acting, costuming, hair and makeup for film and television, fashion design, and custom sewing, she found her home in creating quilts and sewing patterns while living in Brooklyn, New York.

Alexia and her husband, artist and fabric designer, Rob Bancroft, now reside in Nashville with their two dogs. She currently divides her time among creating patterns for their company, Green Bee Design and Patterns; teaching; making art; and writing.  Check out Alexia’s patterns, tutorials and blog here.

Join us in Philadelphia! New friends, amazing workshops, a swanky hotel and all delicious meals included for this weekend get away!

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