SewDowns: Call for Instructors!

What are the SewDowns?
An all inclusive weekend quilting getaway!
A swanky hotel, meals and all workshops are included in the attendance fee.
Live it up from Friday through Sunday with four teachers, a full load of workshops and tons of sewing fun!
Can’t make the entire weekend? Luncheon Lectures will be available too!

At QuiltCon, the Modern Quilt Guild announced SewDowns in five cities around the US. Those included are:


Registration opens May 2013
09/6/2013 to 09/8/2013
Loews Hotel in Philadelphia
1200 Market St
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19107
United States


02/7/2014 to 02/9/2014
The Nines Hotel
525 SW Morrison St
Portland Oregon 97204
United States


Registration opens October 2013
04/11/2014 to 04/13/2014
Loews Hotel in Nashville
2100 West End Ave.
Nashville Tennessee 37203
United States


Registration Opens January 2014
07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
Graves 601 Hotel
601 1st Avenue North
Minneapolis Minnesota 55403
United States


Registration opens March 2014
09/19/2014 to 09/21/2014
Hotel Valley Ho
6850 E. Main Street
Scottsdale Arizona 85251
United States

We are looking for experienced instructors who can teach techniques of interest to modern quilters. In general, we like a balance of technique based and project based workshops. In addition, we are accepting lecture proposals. You are welcome to submit any workshop proposal. However, we are focused on half-day, three-hour classes and one-hour lectures for our SewDowns in 2013-2014. All workshop proposals should be accompained by a photo sample of the workshop.

When completing your application, please keep in mind that along with teaching fees, the Modern Quilt Guild covers travel expenses of our instructors including airfare/mileage, hotel and a meal per diem.

We want to hear from you. Download the MQG Instructor App  and send it to by April 19th.

Applications will be considered for all SewDowns.

Thank you! We can’t wait to hear from you.

19 thoughts on “SewDowns: Call for Instructors!

  1. Have you ever thought of having some one teach how to podcast to your members. Several of us more traditional and older quilters podcast. I personally would like to hear about MODERN QUILTING from the lips of modern quilters…. I look at it this way…. If I can do it anyone can do it. Hardest part is setting up iTune connection. YOU young gals are much more tech savvy then I am so it should be a breeze for you.

    Start up is cheap if you have a computer and a microphone … most girls get equipment after they try podcasting a while and decide they want to continue. I downloaded AUDACITY a free recording software from the internet.

    If you need recommendation for a teacher let me know … I learned from Daniel’s podcast but he is a good speaker too.

    JUST AN IDEA… cause I want more podcast to listen too…..

    Nonnie Nonnie’s Blog Nonnie’s Quilting Dream Podcast

    • We sure do need some wonderful/interesting quilting weekends and activities here in Charlotte, NC. If it exists, its the all time greatest secret.

  2. Please send more info and cost of the sew down in Philly. And Nashville. Ad. wonderful

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    On Mar 22, 2013, at 12:50 PM, The Modern Quilt Guild >

  3. Hello! I am just wondering what type of photos you want for the teaching application. Do you need hi-res for publishing, or just sample images to give you a sense of the workshop in action? Thanks!

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