Winner of the Kaffe Essay contest!

The question was: How has Kaffe influenced you in the past and how will that help you grow as a quilter in the new year?

The winner chosen by Kaffe: Cynthia of the Milwaukee Modern Quilt Guild!

Here is what Kaffe had to say:  “Cynthia is our choice of winning essay. We felt Cynthia covered some very good points. Actually all of the essays were good but Cynthia just has the edge.”

With Cindy’s permission, enjoy reading her story below.

How has Kaffe influenced you in the past and how will that help you grow as a quilter in the new year?

“Richness. Satiety. Opulence. Vibrancy.  These concepts comprise my automatic word associations with Kaffe Fassett, artist-designer (and dare I suggest, “color prophet”?}

As a textile junkie, color and pattern have been the hooks that draw me in to a work, project, or artist. Without the appeal of those elemental tenets, I am not captured, impassioned, consumed. I can appreciate the craft and understand the appeal, but will lack an emotional response

Kaffe masters the complexity of powerful color interplay that resonates with me, and clearly innumerable others world-wide. His exuberance and passion for vivid color combinations and pattern development have helped me appreciate the integral importance of color/textile pattern selection as the first step in a satisfying and ultimately successful project.

As a newer “mid-life” quilter, I appreciate the limits of my time and the investment in energy and hours that a new project will consume. As such, I want to LOVE the projects I choose, from the initial selection process, to completion, and to ongoing use and enjoyment. Over the past year, I have become much more aware of specific designers and pattern lines.  Kaffe Fassett has been one artist who I have spent time learning about in more depth. As I began to understand his philosophy, I began to see some parallels with my thoughts and feelings about my quilting projects. I now not only permit myself to be drawn in by color and a love of fabric design, I require it, before I commit to it. As such, I feel a freeness to pursue that which brings lasting pleasure to my creative spirit.

I found a bit of humor and enormity of freedom and relief in learning that Kaffe is a bit a bit perplexed by the emphasis on perfection and precise execution in the quilting world. I feel as if I have received absolution from “an authority on high” regarding this matter! I appreciate the value of pattern complexity and precision. I believe in the importance of quality workmanship. But, I will no longer be consumed by achieving mathematical and microscopic exactitude!

In 2013, I will allow myself to be carried away by fabric patterns that appeal to me and color choices that enrich and satisfy me.  I will allow myself to focus on what is pleasing to my eye. Perhaps I will choose to make a fabric swatch larger in a pattern if I love it.  I will take risks, trust my intuition, and worry less about what is “right or wrong” according to the pattern or rules. I will use patterns to guide me, rather than define me. Thank you, Kaffe Fassett for teaching me that beautiful quilts are rooted in creativity and a joyful soul!”



KaffeDreamingColor99962J 2

Keep you’re eyes open for Kaffe’s new book schedule for a March 2013 release date:

Kaffe Fassett Quilts: Shots + Stripes. It’s a book of quilt projects he collaborated on with Liza Prior Lucy, and includes small and large sized projects using just his solid-colored shot cottons and his striped cotton fabrics.

Thank you STC Crafts | Melanie Falick and Rowan Fabrics!


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  1. Congratulations Cynthia! Your essay was eloquently stated and truly deserving of winning. I know color and color play is what catches my attention and is and will always be the true joy of why I quilt. Again, congratulations on such a wonderful essay.

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