2013 Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors

During the last year, the Modern Quilt Guild has been taking steps to provide more benefits to our members. We are doing lots of work behind the scenes that we hope to share with you within the next year. This will include a new website, a nationwide membership plan, 501(c)3 status and more!

With our rapid growth, it has become clear that the MQG needs more support. In our May newsletter we mentioned the 2012 Board of Directors has voted to increase the number of board members for 2013. The new 2013 Board of Directors are:


Alissa Haight CarltonAlissa Haight Carlton

Member of the Los Angeles MQG

Alissa lives in Los Angeles and is one of the founders and Executive Director of the Modern Quilt Guild. She has written two books, Modern Minimal: 20 Bold and Graphic Quilts, and Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee, which she co-authored. When not working in the modern quilting world, Alissa casts reality shows, including many recent seasons of Project Runway. She blogs at handmadebyalissa.com.


Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering

Member of the Chicago MQG

Since discovering quilting five years ago, Jacquie has become a passionate quilt maker and designer. She is known for her “out of the box” designs and unique style. Her work has been featured in both national and international publications, and she is the co-author ofQuilting Modern:  Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts.  She blogs and shares her quilting knowledge on her popular blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio and lives in downtown Chicago with her husband and black lab, Bruno.  She was one of the founders of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and is a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.

Heather Grant

Heather Grant

Member of the Austin MQG

A quilter in her early 20s, she stopped quilting until 2005, when she was inspired by the modern quilting movement and made her first modern quilt. Heather is founder of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild and author of the popular blog, Modern Day Quilts. She is the Director of Marketing and Programming for The Modern Quilt Guild. You can find her teaching at the Stitch Lab in Austin, Texas.


Elizabeth Hartman

Member of the Portland MQG

Elizabeth Hartman is a self-taught quilter from Portland, Oregon. She is the author of the popular blog, Oh, Fransson!, and The Practical Guide to Patchwork, which was the winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best How-To Book of 2011. Her second book, Modern Patchwork is available now.  Elizabeth is the founder of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild.


Kathy MackKathy Mack

Member of the Bainbridge Island MQG

Kathy Mack lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington with her two teenage daughters and two cats. Her grandmother taught her to sew as a little girl and she loves it as much today as she did after taking that first stitch. Pink Chalk Studio is her sewing pattern design company where she adds color and artful design to things used everyday. Kathy is also the proprietress of Pink Chalk Fabrics, an online fabric shop for modern sewists.


Amy NewboldAmy Newbold

Member of the Salt Lake City MQG

Amy Newbold more commonly known as Sukie in the sewing community has been quilting since 2010.  Her inspiration for getting into quilting came from her mother in-law who’s been sewing for over 40 years.  Currently, Amy lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and two kids.  She works as an accountant by day, is the Treasurer of the Modern Quilt Guild, and tries to fit sewing in at night and on the weekends.  She loves long walks on the beach, is a member of the Salt Lake City MQG and if you want to see more of her creations please visit sukiedontyaknow.com.


Latifah SaafirLatifah Saafir

Member of the Los Angeles MQG

Sewing has been Latifah Saafir’s avenue to creativity ever since she “took it up seriously” at the age of 11. An accomplished seamstress, Latifah Saafir took the dive into quilting in 2009 and just a few months later with only one quilt under her belt co-founded the Modern Quilt Guild’s first chapter in Los Angeles. She is the president of the LA Modern Quilt Guild and loves to teach modern quilting whenever she can. Latifah is known for her bold use of color and innovative design and blogs at thequiltengineer.com.


Susanne WoodsSusanne Woods

Working to Establish the Boulder MQG

Susanne Woods has been a quilter since college. After joining C&T Publishing as their Acquisitions Editor in 2008, she quickly identified the growing movement in modern quilting and helped to launch Stash Books. As the creative force behind the imprint she acquired many books by MQG members. She left to become the Editorial Director at Interweave Press before joining Craftsy.com in 2012 as their Quilting Category Manager. She lives near Boulder, CO with her husband and two young boys. She blogs at beyondthekids.com and tweets at @craftyeditor.

10 thoughts on “2013 Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors

  1. Wow!! What a wonderful inspirational group of talented people. We are lucky indeed to have all of you at the helm of the MQG. We are in process of setting up the ‘Great Lakes Modern Quilt Guild’ and have had our first charter meeting. Yippee!!. We are so excited about that, and now to read the ‘bio’s’ of these great women heading the national MQG is totally exciting. Thanks so much. We look forward to an exciting fabric future.

  2. What an amazing group of quilters – with all here being spread over the US, here’s hoping that in years to come there will be an sub, international representation as there are MQG’s popping up all over the world

  3. Next time around, you might want to look for more folks who are not (or not yet) known names in the community, but ordinary quilters who happen to have a set of skills that a Board like this needs: finance, nonprofit management, volunteer management. Just a thought from a retired nonprofit manager!

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