Quilting the MQG Logo

We were lucky enough to have Spoonflower print the MQG logo (designed by Jane Fitts) and then have Angela Walters, amazing long arm quilter, quilt it for us.  Here is her post from her blog, Quilting Is My Therapy.

I really love quilting smaller items. I get the thrill of starting a new project and the satisfaction of completing a project without a lot of work in between! This latest quilt is a great example of just that.

When the Modern Quilt Guild asked me to quilt the banner for their exhibit at Quilt Market, of course I said yes. It’s a small panel, which made it a pretty quick project. The panel was printed out through spoonflower and is one solid piece of fabric, although it looks as though it was pieced.

Since I knew it would be hanging a lot, I decided to use two layers of batting. Doing so helps keep it nice and stiff, and also helps the letter “pop” up just a little bit.

To help the letters pop out even more, I quilted really dense designs. I love the way it looks, but I couldn’t imagine doing this over a whole quilt!!

Here’s a picture to help give you a sense of how small the swirls are!

Do you want to know a quilting tip? If you want your quilting to look great, use matching thread and quilt really, really small. This is the same swirl design that I always do, but quilting it so tiny makes it look so much better. It’s not harder, just a lot more time consuming.

Part of the panel looked like piecing, so I quilted it just as I would have quilted a “real” quilt.

I would never quilt a larger, regular quilt like this….I don’t think that I would have the patience. But going all out on a smaller project is so fun and fulfilling!!

Happy Quilting!!

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  1. Your quilting is beautiful. After having loved traditional quilts, I have found the modern quilts are “peppy”. They are such happy and carefree quilts. Love them

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