The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at Fall Market & Festival

We are so thrilled to have our showcase up at International Quilt Market and Festival this fall.   It is a truly beautiful show!

Logo design by Jane Fitts, printed by Spoonflower and quilted by Angela Walters.

Pixelated Color Wheel by Kati Spencer of the Salt Lake MQG
Refracted Sunset by Heather Scrimsher of the Atlanta MQG
The Kelp Quilt by Rossie Hutchinson of the Ann Arbor MQG and the Mid Mod Bee (Cheryl Arkison, Amanda Carestio, Debbie Grifka, Rebekah Craft, Robin Ferrier. Lauren Hunt, Blair Stocker, Jacquie Gering, Bernie Olszewski, Yahaira Ferreira)

Zinnia by Lynn Harris of the Ann Arbor MQG
J Rock Star by Victoria Finley Wolfe of the NYC Metro MQG
Convergence by Latifah Saafir of the Los Angeles MQG

Building Bridges by Jacquie Gering of the Chicago MQG, quilted by Sheryl Schleicher
Cantilevers by Jessica Levitt of the Central Jersey MQG
Trajectory by Megan Dye of the Portland MQG

Fire Drill by Elizabeth Hartman of the Portland MQG
Stackable by Heather Scrimsher of the Atlanta MQG
Sky High by Kate Stiassni of the Connecticut MQG quilted by Jackie Kunkel

Cutting Edge Conglomerate by Earamichia Brown and the NYC Metro MQG, quilted by Jackie Kunkel
Shattered by Jacquie Gering of the Chicago Modern MQG, quilted by Angela Walters
Tilework by Elizabeth Harvatine of the Los Angeles MQG

Hugs & Hugs by Hannah Talecki of the St. Louis MQG
Mainframe Derez by Violet Craft of the Portland MQG

Typographic Circle by Emily Cier of the Seattle MQ
The 48 Pound Quilt by Tanya Finken of the Salt Lake MQ
Bits and Ripples by Alison Schmidt of the East Bay & Bay Area MQGs

Tail Wind by Stephanie Ruyle of the Front Range MQG
Broken Plaid by Alissa Haight Carlton of the Los Angeles MQG
Off the B.O.W. by Krista Fleckenstein of the Anchorage MQG and the Bee Liberated Bee (Susan McDonald, Jessica Brown, Joan Christ, Heidi Elliott, Wendy Frieden, Rachel Barsness, Dena Wayne, Kimberly Roberts)

Opposing Triangles by Katie Pedersen of the Seattle MQG, quilted by Krista Withers
What’s for Breakfast? by Karen Anderson-Abraham of the Santa Barbara MQG
Redirection by Hollie Lobosky of the Los Angeles MQG

Anni by Heather Jones of the Cincinnati MQG
5-HTP Squared by Jen Carlton Bailly of the Portland MQG
Two Margaritas by Ruth Beeby of the Bay Area MQG

Ripples by Daniel Rouse of the East Bay MQG
Supernova by Lee Heinrich of the Milwaukee MQG
Hot and Cold by Krista Fleckenstein of the Anchorage MQG

15 thoughts on “The Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at Fall Market & Festival

  1. These are all amazing! Thank you for posting these-it was like walking through an amazing quilt show while I had my morning coffee:)

  2. Already seen them twice, and taking my mom back tomorrow! Love it and the great pic of Fi at the MQG desk!

  3. Thanks for posting these. I was curious to see this exhibit but didn’t get to go to Houston for the show.

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