QuiltCon Call For Submissions

Solidarity Quilt by the Austin Modern Quilt Guild

We’re working to develop engaging content for Modern Quilt Guild members and guilds to see at QuiltCon. One of the lectures we’re planning is about various challenges, activities and projects that can engage your local Modern Quilt Guild membership. We want this lecture to be collaborative and show the amazing things our local guilds have done together.

This lecture won’t just be for QuiltCon. We would like to have the presentation be an online resource for guilds to use to get ideas on generating engaging programming for their membership.

Please tell us about your challenges, activities, service projects, swaps, trips, retreats, and other unique ways you build a community!

Guidelines for Submission

Please send us an e-mail including the following information.

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Modern Quilt Guild’s name
  • 1-2 photographs showing the challenge, activity, service project, etc.
  • 100-150 words describing the project
  • The names of any people in the photographs. (If your submission is accepted, we’ll send a photography consent form.)

Please send submissions to heather.grant@quiltcon.com. Submissions will be accepted through September 30, 2012.

2 thoughts on “QuiltCon Call For Submissions

  1. Something our TRADITIONAL quilt guild is doing that can be done by any group..

    BLOTTO BLOCK RAFFLE with twist.
    WE got tired of just the old block raffle as few people were participating.

    We now feature PRODUCTS
    We select a block or pattern but preview various new product out on the market making that block. Guild buys the product and those participating get a sample … sometime a small fee if the product is expensive. ( bulk purchase reduces the cost)

    Tried :
    Wash away stabilizer for paper piecing

    Wash away freezer paper for applique (Beth Wheeler)

    Next Edyta Sitar triangle papers VS THANGLE this will be combined with triangle exchange … the following month we make blocks for the raffle from the triangles we made.

    Davison (MI) Evening Star Quilt Guild

  2. Just got your email / post about photographing quilts and I noted you recommended using needles / push pins etc to ” nail” the quilt to the wall…. I would further recommend using painter tape to protect the wall when you hammer in the nail/ needle / push pin. Paint can crack or splinter if you do not protect it…

    When I tired to link to your post it would not go through and it was a no reply email response so I am posting my suggestion here.


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