MQG Spring Market Meetup Reminder!

If you’re in Kansas City on Saturday night, don’t forget the MQG Meetup!

Saturday, May 19 • 7-9pm • The Marriott Hotel – Count Basie Ballroom C – 2nd floor (map it)
Co-hosted by the Kansas City and Saint Louis Modern Quilt Guilds.
More details can be found on either the Kansas City MQG’s blog or the Saint Louis MQG’s blog.

3 thoughts on “MQG Spring Market Meetup Reminder!

  1. I arrange the programming for the quilt guild in Sarasota and would love someone to come and talk about the Modern Quilt movement and give a trunk show. Is there anyone in the Tampa/Orlando area that could do this? It wouldn’t be until 2013. (We schedule about a year ahead). We pay our speakers and reimburse for travel and meals. As a former shop owner, I truly miss Market. Have a great time.
    Ellen Simon

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