100 Days – Week of Quilting – Featured Quilt 3

Alison used hand quilting to add diamond-shaped accents to this quilt made with scraps leftover from two previous projects.

Here’s what Alison had to say about her quilt, and quilting in general:

“The quilt came about because I was having a bit of a Tufted Tweets (Laurie Wisbrun) obsession. I’d already made two other quilts with the Tufted Tweets line and was left with a bunch of scraps which I wanted to make in to one final quilt. I also have this thing about objects having to be the right way up so was looking for a block that wouldn’t turn the Tufted Tweets chairs upside down. Quilters Cache is a great free online resource with literally hundreds of blocks to choose from. So I started trawling through the pages until I stumbled on this one and could immediately see the possibilities.

It’s paper-pieced and I did it the old-fashioned way of printing off one copy and then tracing new copies from a light box that was going for a song on Ebay. Because the Tufted Tweets fabrics are so vibrant, I knew I wanted to tone them down with a couple of neutrals and that really is how the top came about.

It is hand-quilted for a couple of reasons. I always have to have something on the go downstairs. My sewing room is on the ‘flop toor’ which is the unintentional spoonersim our youngest daughter used when asked where Mummy was and ‘flop toor’ it has stayed! To hide away there in the evenings would be anti-social so when I am downstairs in the evening, I can’t just sit and talk or watch TV…I still have to be doing something else and hand-quilting is that something else.

The other reason I hand-quilt is I find it a de-stresser. I find the whole hand-quilting experience very calming and soothing. I’m sure if hand-quilting was included in prison rehabilitation schemes there would be a whole lot less reoffending!

I quilt because there are no boundaries. I used to knit but you basically start out with a pattern and you pretty much have to follow it if the end product is going to turn out anywhere near successful. Quilting, especially modern quilting, is liberating. There can be a pattern if you want there to be but equally there can just be that seed of an idea in your head that grows and develops as you progress. There is no one right way. It might not turn out how you first thought it would but it will turn out as a quilt none-the-less that is an individual expression of you.

I am not out to reinvent the wheel when it comes to quilting, just tweak it a little with my own personal interpretation.”

You can read more about Alison’s work on her blog, Little Island Quilting.

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  1. We are about to move my office to the ‘flop toor’ as well. That made me smile. I can truly appreciate the time invested in this quilt. Thanks for the links to the quilt blocks.

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