100 Days – Week of Tools – Featured Quilt 5

Today’s featured quilt, the Raw Edge Pez Quilt by Megan Bohr of Canoe Ridge Creations uses an unlikely “tool” – freezer paper. Megan who created this tiny 36″ x 42″ beauty doesn’t currently belong to a local Modern Quilt Guild because her the nearest MQG is 3+ hours away but, she loves feeling connected to the MQG movement through the internet. Read on as Megan describes in her own words about quilting and her use of tools in quilting.

Raw Edge Pez Quilt by Megan Bohr

Tell us about your use of tools in quilting

I’m totally a “tools” girl when it comes to quilting. From seam rippers to spray starch, rulers and everything in between, I definitely have my favorite tools close by at all times. To be completely honest, I almost enjoy cutting out a new project with my rotary cutter+ruler more that the actual sewing itself! There are so many quality sewing & quilting notions in the industry that truly make a world of a difference — and most of them have been around for years and years!

How did tools make sewing this quilt easier?

Freezer paper! Not only is it great in the kitchen, but it works wonderful in the sewing studio as well! Freezer paper is a great way to trace and cut out applique — which is how I made all of those pez pieces for my quilt.

Raw Edge Pez Quilt by Megan Bohr

Tell us more about yourself as a quilter

I have been sewing and quilting since I was 12, and twelve years later I’m still at it! I still remember when my grandma and mother walked me through my first quilt — a hideous teal and black Stack-n-Wack quilt. Back then it was mostly traditional fabrics+designs, because that was the norm for rural Midwest quilters. At 14, I started working retail and teaching kids sewing and quilting classes at my LQS and worked there all through college. I really learned a lot of great quilting tips and tricks working at the quilt store — that “older” generation seriously has a wealth of quilting information, and more often that not they are more that willing to share! It wasn’t until I started my blog, Canoe Ridge Creations, about a year and a half ago that I really got into modern quilting and it feels so great knowing there are “people just like me” out there!

Raw Edge Pez Quilt by Megan Bohr

Tools used:

Freezer paper can be found in the grocery store right next to ziplock bags and aluminum foil usually under the brand name Reynolds Freezer Paper. On many of the Reynolds Freezer Paper boxes it actually says “Great for Crafts” right on the front of the box.

Reynolds Freezer Paper

Because of it’s many uses in crafting there are also brands like C&T’s Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets made specifically for quilters that can also be found in quilt and craft shops.

Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets by C&T


In quilting freezer paper has many, many uses. Freezer paper is butcher paper that is covered on one side with a polyethylene plastic. This plastic side allows it to be ironed onto fabric temporarily holding it in place. This makes it great for applique, paper piecing, assisting in printing on fabric, stencils, and as shown in Megan’s quilt for templates.

How have you used freezer paper in your quilting?

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