100 Days – Week of Tools – Featured Quilt 3

Can you imagine piecing 1″ Half Square Triangles and having the seams match up in your quilt? Can you imagine doing this easily? Today’s quilt features a fun “tool” or maybe it’s better referred to as a notion that can help you do this called Thangles. Kati Spencer who blogs at From The Blue Chair used Thangles to make this awesome little 24″ x 25″ mini quilt that she aptly calls “Thangles Mini”. Read on as Kati tells us more about this beauty and her love of quilting tools.

Thangles Mini by Kati Spencer

Tell us about your use of tools in quilting.
I admit I am a quilting tool junkie.  I love tools and rulers that will make my life easier and improve my ability to quilt.  I counted my rulers just because I was curious, and I have 20.  I have used all but one, and have plans in the works for a quilt with that final ruler.  I love trying new techniques and tools because you never know what you will love that will change the way you quilt.  I once read about a 20″ square ruler on someone’s blog and bought it for a wonky log cabin quilt I had in mind.  It made all the difference in my success with that quilt and has become one of my most used rulers.  Learning about the hera marker has changed the way I now straight-line quilt.  Finally, I can use my rotary cutter with either hand, but most cutters aren’t set up to be used in either hand.  I discovered a cutter from Olfa that can be used in either hand, and it made cutting so much easier.  Having good tools that are easy to use makes quilting much more fun for me.

"Thangles Mini" during construction. Notice how small the HST's are!

How did tools make sewing this quilt easier?
To make this quilt, I used Thangles for the first time.  While attending a class from Amanda (Hey Porkchop) at Sewing Summit, I won a package of Thangles.  Finally, months later, I pulled them out and used them.  I had nothing in particular in mind when I started other than using some of my favorite Art Gallery Solids and making something colorful and fun.  These HSTs are 1″ finished.  The Thangles made a huge difference in keeping consistent, straight seams while cutting and sewing these tiny triangles.  I had so much fun putting these together.  After finishing the Thangles section, I waited for almost two months until I decided to make it into a mini quilt that now hangs in my kitchen.  I doubt I would have had the patience to make so many tiny HSTs were it not for the Thangles.  It was a fun tool to try.  I will definitely use them again on projects with tiny HSTs.

Tell us more about yourself as a quilter.
I love to try new things and challenge myself with designs and techniques.  I don’t feel I have a specific style.  I’m as likely to be sewing a very traditional paper-pieced star block as I am to make a very wonky, improv-style quilt.  I enjoy the variety in my quilting.  It makes it fun and interesting for me.

Kati's Thangles sewn and cut up.

Tool Used:
Kati used Thangles to create this quilt. Thangles are essentially pre-printed paper strips that are used to make perfect half square triangle blocks without measuring or trimming. The Thangles company offers Thangles in many sizes as well as project packs and they can be used to create any half square triangle based quilt.

Thangles in Various Sizes

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  1. Great another ruler Queen! I’ll have to go and hunt up mine now, I love gagets and rulers too.
    ps lovely bright and cheerful quilt too

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