100 Days – Week of Tools – Featured Quilt 1

The first quilt in the Week of Tools is a fun whimsical quilt made by Lauren Hawley of Sew Modern simply named “The Pirate Quilt”. There are several “tools” that Lauren used that made this baby quilt easier to put together.

In Lauren’s own words:

This was really fun.  I started with some fabric from Riley Blake’s Pirates.  I used my Accuquilt GO Cutter to make the hexagons—so easy!  I fused them onto the quilt with Steam a Seam 2 and then hand stitched each one into place with embroidery thread.  Then I embroidered the pirate images and hand stitched the map line.

Pirate Quilt by Lauren Hawley

At that point I thought maybe it was a bit boring, but after I quilted it, I really liked it.  Stripey bindings are always a hit for me too.  It was just fun to make it all up and incorperate different elements into it than I usually do.  I NEVER thought I would be into hand stitching so much, but I’m really digging it.

Pirate Quilt by Lauren Hawley

Tools Used:

Two main “tools” were used on this quilt. The first was the cutter used to cut the hexagon shapes, the Accuquilt GO! Cutter.

From their website: The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter is a fast, precise, affordable fabric cutter that allows quilters and fabric crafters to cut fabric as much as 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutting. Perfect for the beginner and occasional quilter.

AccuQuilt Go Cutter

The second “tool” was Steam a Seam 2, a double sided fusible interfacing made by the Warm Company. From their website:

Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick has the pressure sensitive on both sides which allows for a temporary hold to both the appliqué material and the background material. You can hold your project vertically and the appliqué pieces stay in place and are still repositionable until fused with an iron.

Steam-a-Seam 2

5 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Tools – Featured Quilt 1

  1. I am loving the 100 Days so much . . . wish you would make it 365 days!! Love seeing all the quilts, learning about the quilters, reading their blogs . . . I’ve learned so much!

  2. this quilt is amazingly inventive, fun, and absolutely inspiring. The creativity I see here just floors me (oh, and jealously abounds!)–thank you so much for sharing this quilt!
    I’m hopping over to Sew Modern right now for more! yippee!

  3. oops, I see it’s a shop so please allow me to comment further here more specifically:
    I like the crossbones shape of the hexagons and the way the quilting mirrors that shape out to the edges of the quilt. The ‘fussycut” images mixed with solids ensures that the printed pieces are not overpowering. the mixing of elements–quilting and embroidery–are perfect here; there’s a treasure map story going on that would charm any small pirate’s heart before bedtime. the binding pull sit all together and gives it a spark next to the solid cream.
    I learned so much about how/why design elements work (also work in tandem) just by viewing your quilt–thanks!

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