100 Days – Week of Participation – Featured Quilt 4

Today’s featured quilt is by Ashley Newcomb and was inspired by ComfortStitching’s Half Hex Quilt Along.  There were lots of quilt made through the quilt along and Ashley’s quilt is a great example of how someone can be inspired to put their own twist on a technique being taught.

What do you enjoy the most about quilt alongs?
It’s fun to be part of a group all making a similar quilt! Not only do you get to see the quilt made up in a number of different fabric pairings, but it’s fun to see the different ways the pattern can be interpreted. I think there’s a great sense of energy and excitement around a quilt along, and often it provides the motivation I need to start that quilt I’ve been wanting to make!

What do you think makes this quilt modern?
I love the look of a traditional hexagon quilt, but in this case I wanted to shake things up a bit by adjusting the layout to make it more modern. Using a large expanse of solid white, limiting the number of hexagons, and ‘sprinkling’ those hexagons in the lower half of the quilt gives this one a modern feel. It also works to really show off the fun hexagon shape and at the same time to showcase some favorite fabrics.

Tell us more about yourself as a quilter.

I didn’t start out as a quilter — more as a fabric admirer and hoarder! In looking online to figure out what to make out of all the gorgeous fabrics available, I came across several beautiful modern quilts and almost immediately knew this was something I wanted to do. I have been quilting for several years now and I think I love it just a little bit more each and every day! I enjoy every part of the quilting process (well, maybe not basting!), but I think I’d have to say my favorite parts are the beginning and ending stages — I really enjoy the stage before the quilt is even started, when I’m just pulling out and combining fabrics and considering design ideas, and then I just love hand sewing the binding, finishing that last stitch and admiring the quilt as a whole!

Ashley blogs at Film In The Fridge.

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  1. I love this quilt! What a great idea — taking a very traditional block, and making it your own! I feel myself inching ever closer to making something modern……

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