100 Days – Week of Participation – Featured Quilt 3

Today we have Steffani Burton’s version of the Tokyo Subway Map quilt that Elizabeth designed and hosted a quilt along for on her blog.

What do you enjoy the most about quilt alongs?
I enjoy the process of fitting a quilt into my ‘free sewing’ time, as most of what I sew are samples to hang in our shop (my mother and I). Its nice to sew something for myself, something that doesn’t live in the shop for months until I get to take it home. With quilt alongs I am able to fit personal sewing into my work sewing.

What do you think makes this quilt modern?
The clean lines made from bright, happy fabrics on a crisp white background. Its fun, and makes me smile. I just love it.

Tell us more about you as a quilter.
I grew up with quilting in my blood-my grandmother started one of the first quilt shops in 1970. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BA in Design, I’ve joined my mother in MN as the third generation of ‘women who sew’. I want to change the stigma that goes along with “quilt shop” and show the next generation that modern quilting/sewing is where its at! I am surrounded by beautiful modern fabrics all day at the shop and I love it. In my free time, I design, create and sew in my home studio. I thrive on creativity, inspiration and all things colorful.

You can see more of Steffani’s work on her blog and in her flickr stream.

3 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Participation – Featured Quilt 3

  1. That is wicked cool! I love the concept and the execution. It’s amazing how random things can inspire a quilt.

  2. I love this quilt!! I made this quilt. Often I tire of a project during the process, but I still love this quilt!!

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