100 Days – Week of Participation – Featured Quilt 2

Next up we have a quilt made by Kristen Takakuwa with the Mod Mood Quilt Along.  We featured one of the original quilts by Sherri Lynn Wood during Week of Improvisation.  Nicole’s twist on the design is beautiful.

Kristen answered a few questions for us.

What do you like most about Quilt Alongs?
I joined the Mod Mood quilt along at Daintytime.net  long after it was originally blogged. Even still, because quilt alongs build in sharing, show and tell, troubleshooting and camaraderie I had this wealth of resources and inspiration that I don’t normally get when I make a quilt in isolation. The quilt along also gave me the confidence to try something new that I would not normally tackle all on my own, with step-by-step instructions and real live proof of others’ successes. I have to admit, the curves in this quilt were quite intimidating!

What do you think makes this quilt modern?
To me, the quilt is modern because of it’s unique design. The clean lines and use of white space give it a modern appeal.

Tell us more about yourself as a quilter.
I learned to sew from my grandmother, at the age of 9. My first quilt, made 3 years ago, was for my daughter’s school auction and I’ve been hooked ever since. Quilting has been a process of discovery. I have found that I often don’t want to follow patterns – or start them and then don’t want to finish them. On the flip side, I love the process of improvisational quilting (a big surprise for me). Hand work will often find it’s way into my quilts, whether it is a whipstitch finish on the binding, embroidered labels, sashiko or other quilting by hand.

Kristen is a proud member of The East Bay Modern Quilt Guild and you can see more of her work in her flickr stream.

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  1. I’ve seen it in person, and it is fabulous, especially the hand-stitching. BTW, I think you meant Kristen’s twist…

  2. I love this quilt Kristen! If I had this quilt it would be hanging on my wall as a piece of art :-).

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