100 Days – Week of Collaboration – Featured Quilt 5

This week would also not be complete without a word or two from Erin.  Erin started the Quilting Bee Blocks flickr group and she has helped folks from all across the world either start, organize or connect with a bee.  Her group is a great resource for everything bee related.

We’re happy to feature her quilt made in collaboration with the members of the Bee Tweet bee.

Tell us a bit about your quilt:

I knew I wanted my Bee Tweet bee members to help me make a scrappy quilt.  I had them use Aneela’s crazy quilt block tutorial to make me  giant, crazy, scrappy blocks using a bunch of my favorite fabrics as well as their own scraps if they chose to use them. (We’ll share her tutorial in this week’s tutorial round up!) I wanted a quilt that had little bits and pieces of lots of my favorite fabrics and the best way to get them all to go together was to just go wild and make it as colorful and crazy as possible.  This quilt definitely isn’t for everyone, but I love it and all the friendships it represents.

Tell us about your experience with virtual quilting bees:

I love the online sewing community and virtual quilting bees!  I started the Flickr group, Quilting Bee Blocks, for that very reason.  I wanted to have a central place where people could look for inspiration for bee blocks or to find other people that are wanting to join up with them in a bee.  But I confess, I’m a terrible bee member.  I am a perfectionist and sometimes the pressure to do my best work for my bee members is paralyzing! One of the most fun experiences I’ve had was meeting 9 out of the 11 members of Bee Tweet last October in person at Sewing Summit!

Tell us about yourself as a quilter:

I consider myself an intermediate quilter..  I have tons of ideas and sketches down in books, but not always the time and patience to execute them exactly how I want to.  I love fabric, though, and I think I’ll collect it forever, even though I can’t make quilts fast enough to keep up with the fabric purchasing!

Thanks Erin for all you have done to support growing the quilting bee community.  You can find Erin on Flickr and on her blog, Two More Seconds.

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