100 Days – Week of Collaboration – Featured Quilt 4

Remember, if you want to be in a bee, you don’t need to wait to be asked.  Ask your friends online or through your guild.  Find a partner and organize your own version of a virtual or in person quilting bee!  There is lots of help to get you started here.

Today’s featured quilt is this beautiful version of a wonky star quilt by Jessica and the members of the Pieced Together Bee.

Wonky Star quilt by Jessica Kovach and the Pieced Together Bee

Tell us about your quilt:

Well, this quilt has been finished up for quite a while now, so I’m trying to think back to when I was pulling together fabric and thinking of what style of block that I wanted made for me.  I remember thinking that I wanted something with a “modern” edge to it and I wanted a block that would be simple enough for anyone to make.  I’m not sure it that was true with what the other participants thought.

I see now that it’s really intimidating to have so little direction because you really want to come up with a block that the host is going to love.  I asked for 12 1/2″ blocks and for the ash colored fabric to be used as the background.  I was so impressed with what everyone sent back to me!  I love the mix of more simple blocks and the ones that have a little more detail to them.  I think that’s what really makes the quilt interesting…it was fun to see all the different interpretations of a wonky star block.

Tell us your thoughts on virtual quilting bees and about your bee experience.

When I was first in quilting bees it was a great way for me to challenge myself to try different things/techniques that someone would request.  It was a wonderful way to “meet” others online and join in the emerging popularity of online quilting and blogging.  After being in several bees at one time, I realized that I could only really handle being in one bee at a time.  That way I could have time to sew things that I want to work on and still participate in a group and enjoy that aspect of quilting, too.  Most of the time, my experience in bees has been great.  I’ve always tried to give people something simple to make for my month…I just want them to have fun working with blocks for me and enjoy using fabrics they may not have chosen for themselves.

Tell us about you as a quilter:

I’ve thought a lot about the things I’ve made in the past and what some of my favorite projects are.  It’s funny because my favorite things tend to be some of the first quilts I made several years ago when I was first bitten by the quilting bug.  The quilts were simple and fabrics had a vintage feel to them.  That seems to be what I’ve been drawn back to over the past few months.  This year is going to be all about simplifying things for me and really enjoying what I sew.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her quilt and her bee experience with us.  You can find Jessica and her work on her blog, Twin Fibers.

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