100 Days – Week of Collaboration – Introduction

This week we’ll be spotlighting quilts that are the result of our quilters’ participation in virtual quilting bees.  Traditional quilting bees, where quilters come together to piece or quilt a quilt, many times for a special occasion, are a long standing tradition in the quilting community.

Profit Margins by Jacquie Gering and the members of the Block Party Bee

Modern quilters have refashioned this tradition by coming together virtually and connecting through the internet and the postal service.  Virtual quilting bees have brought quilters together across states and nations.  Quilters have inspired each other, shared tips, learned skills, made quilts and best of all, forged friendships.

Some bees have themes, some are focused on charity, and many are simply a group of quilters who have a desire to connect and quilt together.

A virtual quilting bee is an opportunity to mix an inspiration with a group of diverse quilters…

to create a collaborative quilt like this one.

All About Jon by Jacquie Gering and the Sew Connected Bee

If you’re inspired to  start a bee of your own, the Quilting Bee Blocks group on Flickr has information on how to get started.

We’re kicking off the week with a special man who is the “dad” of collaboration in the modern quilting community.