100 Days – Week of Techniques – Featured Quilt 6

Maritza Soto pieced one letter a day until she has finished this charming alphabet quilt.

Here’s what Maritza had to say about her quilt:

“I wanted to make something unique and fun for a friend’s baby, so I picked out my palette and went with an improv alphabet. My only self-imposed parameter was that each letter measure 5 inches tall finished. I made a very loose sketch of how I would lay the letters out, but had no specific plan for how to construct each letter. I cut my fabrics into strips of varying widths, in some cases sewing two strips together to use as one unit, and just went to town. I didn’t work in alphabetical order (though I did begin with “A”). I jumped around the alphabet, laying it out as I went along, making sure that each letter visually worked with the ones around it. It was all a pretty intuitive process. I particularly enjoyed sewing together different angles to form slants. That’s not something I do normally when quilting so it was fun to play around with that, and I was really pleased with some of those results, like that A and the Z.”

Improvisational piecing of letters can be both exciting and challenging. For inspiration and piecing tips, check out the UnRuly Quilter, Tonya Ricucci’s blog. (Don’t miss the piecing tutorials in the right sidebar!)

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  1. Tonya Ricucci’s book Word Play Quilts provides templates and more detailed information about how to make big chunky letter blocks. Oh wait. I just saw the reference to Tonya’s blog down at the bottom of this post.

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