100 Days – Week of Techniques – Featured Quilt 5

Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts used machine applique to create her lovely Traffic Pattern quilt.

Here’s what Debbie had to say about working with applique:

“The fun challenge for me in creating modern appliqué is distilling an image down to its simplest shape.  How much detail can I eliminate and still ensure the shape is recognizable?  In this quilt, it had to be clear that the birds are flying.  Additionally, there is something very satisfying about directly placing a shape on a background exactly where I want it.

I usually use only one piece of fabric for my appliqué shape instead of, in this case, using different fabrics for the wing and beak.  My choice of appliqué method depends on the design, my mood and how quickly I’m trying to work.  Traffic Pattern is done with fusible web and then stitched with a satin stitch.  I also enjoy hand appliqué and other machine appliqué techniques.

I encourage everyone to give appliqué a try.  There are so many different ways to do appliqué, don’t give up just because the first method you try doesn’t appeal to you!”

Does Debbie have you inspired to give applique a try? Check out Jen Eskridge’s beautiful Modern Hexagon Quilt Block tutorial.

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  1. I can truly appreciate Debbie’s philosophy about elimination of details but maintaining the integrity of the shape. Less is more!

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