100 Days – Week of Techniques – Featured Quilt 1

Amy Smart used a rainbow of colorful fabrics to make this beautiful Spectrum Half Square Triangle Quilt.

Here’s what Amy had to say about her quilt and working with half square triangles:

“This is one of those quilts that has been in the works for a long time. Maybe because it was just for me, it kept getting put on the back burner while other more urgent sewing needs rose to the top on the list.  Finally this Fall I bit the bullet, cleared the sewing table and finished. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I’d been wanting to make a half-square triangle quilt for a long time. The inspiration finally came with a Freebird (Moda) charm pack.  From there I pulled bits and pieces from the stash that coordinated with the bright, primary Freebird colors.

My original plan was to mix the colors for a scrappy layout, but it seemed to muddy the bright colors.  When I played with a spectrum layout it really made the colors look vibrant.

The other additions I wasn’t sure about at first were the extra triangles ‘bleeding’ into the border and the bias striped binding.  I was determined to not buy any new fabric to finish this quilt, and I found a stripe in my stash in the right colors.  I think it’s growing on me.  The triangles bleeding into the border were a risk as well. I wanted to give this quilt an unpredictable element and a modern feel. You know how you work on something so long that you’re no longer able to view things with a neutral eye and you start to wonder if you’re a little bit crazy? That’s how I felt about those triangles. It took sharing the finished quilt with fresh eyes to convince me they weren’t too far ‘out there.’

I really love the versatility of such simple half-square triangle blocks. They are quick to assembly line piece and there is such a wonderful variety of ways they can be used. I played with these blocks before I decided on a final layoutI think the simplicity of this layout allows the eye to focus on the colors, fabrics, and overall design of the quilt.  I love it equally from up close or at a distance.”

There are quite a few different methods for making half square triangles. Jennifer Jenkinson of That Girl, That Quilt tells you about 3 of them here.

You can read more about Amy’s process on her blog.

8 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Techniques – Featured Quilt 1

  1. this is fantastic! I can see how it took a long time to finish it. The extra triangles bleeding into the sides really make it for me. they add just the right amount of tension to turn a traditional technique into a modern one!

  2. LOVE the quilt — especially your rainbow color ordering of all those HST’s! You deserve some sort of merit badge for that!

  3. This is absolutely DARLING, very good choices and workmanship…it has all the parts to make a wonderful whole!!!

  4. GEE I wish there was a MESSAGE BOARD/ FORUM here to post questions and interact with other quilters here.

    I love these quilts and the style, but I have a question… WHAT shade of WHITE is being used for the background? I am assuming it is a KONA white or a MODA SOLID but for modern quilts using brights are you using a BRIGHT PURE WHITE or Snow or one of the slightly off whites?

    Thank you for any answers

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