100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Knee Socks Quilt Block

Have you ever come across a skinny little strip of fabric that you’ve saved and wondered “what the heck am I ever going to do with this?!?” I designed the Knee Socks Quilt Block with tiny strips like those in mind.

The scrappy version uses 40 different scraps, starting at just 1″ x 5-1/2″.

If you prefer to use larger scraps, make the solids version. It uses 12 different scraps ranging in size from 5-1/2″ to 8″.

Knee Socks Quilt Block

This block was inspired by the rainbow-colored athletic socks of the 1980’s, so don’t hesitate to have fun with it and use plenty of color!

14 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Knee Socks Quilt Block

  1. Love it…..i do have many skinny small strips and can see doing something like this…..after following all that I see on this, I joined the MQG group for my area……and much to my surprise , I know a few of the members……hope to start my creative juices to flow more…..

  2. Terrific ~ clever idea and I love the solid version! A wonderful way to use up a lot of my strips.

    Thanks for sharing!

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