100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Featured Quilt 6

Lindsey Rhodes proves with her quilt Sewing Circle that scrap quilts can be fresh, clean and not look scrappy at all! Lindsey blogs at LR Stitched and is a proud member of the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild. You can see more of her work on Flickr. Read on as Lindsey talks about her inspiration and how sometimes the second time is the charm.

Sewing Circle by Lindsey Rhodes

Tell Us About Your Quilt

This quilt was inspired by a Joseph’s Coat quilt pattern that I saw in 2009.   I was absolutely smitten with the random pops of color in this design and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I had only completed one quilt and wasn’t even sure I liked quilting.  The first quilt I’d made was a gift and I decided I really wanted one for our family.   I figured I’d try one more and used the Joseph’s Coat quilt as my inspiration.

I was sewing clothing at that time and since I wasn’t committed to quilting I didn’t want to cut into my yardage.   I sketched a petal shape and began to cut the circles from my scrap bin.  I knew I would need a couple of yards for the background so I used some of the muslin that I had for trial runs of new clothing patterns and the backing is a vintage sheet.    It is truly a ‘make it do’ kind of quilt!

I can not describe how exciting it was to have this quilt come together and as the process went along I realized I didn’t want to stop at one more quilt!

Detail of Sewing Circle by Lindsey Rhodes

What Do You Love About Using Scraps or Re-purposed Fabrics?

I love using scraps because I have the hardest time throwing away pieces of fabric.   I found myself holding on to more and more small pieces after several occasions where I’d used up a favorite print and then discovered it was no longer available for purchase.

Quilting is the only method I’ve found that can take such tiny pieces of fabric and turn it into something that’s not only beautiful, but useful.  I find that so fulfilling.

Scrap quilting is also a great opportunity to put all of my favorite fabrics in one place and have them look amazing together!

Sewing Circle by Lindsey Rhodes

Tell Us About Yourself and About You as a Quilter

I started sewing clothing and handbags when I was 16, but definitely feel I’ve found my niche in quilting.    I’m coming up on my 4th year in August.   I hope to continue challenging myself as a quilter and am thankful for my branch of the MQG here in Atlanta and the online sewing community.    They both provide so much inspiration and encouragement.   I have many quilters in my family tree and I love that I’m adding to our quilting history in my own way.

Sewing Circle by Lindsey Rhodes

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  1. What a wonderful use of all those little scraps! I love the way the light colored thread creates a design in muslin with the quilting.

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