100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Featured Quilts 4

One of the first things that may come to mind when you think about creating a quilt from re-purposed fabric is using fabric from vintage sheets. A quick search on the internet and you will pull up many quilts made from vintage sheets. Today we will feature two very different quilts that both feature this fun and versatile re-purposed fabric. Read below as Jeni Baker and Jodie Bissig tell us more about using vintage sheets to create these quilts.

Quilts made with vintage sheets by Jeni Baker (left) and Jodie Bissig (right).

Featured Quilt 4a: Giant Vintage Star

The first of the two quilts is by Jeni Baker and it’s called the Giant Vintage Star Quilt. Jeni blogs at In Color Order and you can find her on Flickr as well. She is a member of the Madison Modern Quilt Guild. Read on as Jeni answered a few question about this quilt.

Giant Vintage Star by Jeni Baker

Tell Us About Your Quilt

One night, I was poking around on Pinterest and was led to an article featuring barn quilts located in Adams County, Ohio. I had seen a barn quilt before in Holmes County, Ohio, but hadn’t thought much about it. I was immediately inspired by these barn quilts, and started thinking about translating the concept into a quilt. I realize this is sort of backwards, as barn quilts are generally inspired by real quilts, so I suppose making this quilt completed the circle!  This quilt is made up entirely of one giant quilt block. The block is generally known as the Starflower block, a block I was already familiar with and fond of. This seemed a perfect opportunity to dig into my vintage sheet stash. I ended up choosing a rainbow of colors in addition to a fun white patterned sheet for the background. It finishes off as a healthy throw quilt at 68″ square.

What Do You Love About Using Scraps or Re-purposed Fabrics?

It’s a great feeling to create something beautiful from something that has been discarded.  I definitely get that feeling working with vintage sheets. You’re giving them a second chance to shine and become something useful.  Plus, it’s Eco-friendly! 🙂

Detail of Giant Vintage Star by Jeni Baker

Tell Us About Yourself and About You as a Quilter

I grew up in Ohio and am currently living in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and pet bunny George.  I graduated with a degree in Marketing and Studio Art and am currently teaching sewing classes at a sewing lounge part time.  Creating has always been an important part of my life, whether it be through sewing, photography or other crafts. I learned to sew about 10 years ago through trial and error and a bit of help from my Mom. I started quilting in late 2009 after moving into my first apartment, and have been hooked ever since. My favorite part of the quilting process is choosing the fabrics and colors.

Featured Quilt 4b: Vintage Neighborhood

The second quilt featured today is called Vintage Neighborhood by Jodie Bissig. Jodie blogs at Sew Handmade and you can find her on Flickr too. She is a member of her local quilt guild where last year she was the proud librarian. There isn’t a local Modern Quilt Guild in her area, YET! Do we see President/Founder Jodie in her future? Read on as Jodie talks about making Vintage Neighborhood and her love of quilting.

Vintage Neighborhood by Jodie Bissig

Tell Us About Your Quilt

This 36″ square quilt was made using blocks from an online quilting bee with members from all over the U.S. This was the first time I ever participated in a group like this and I loved it. I requested “wonky house blocks” for my month and encouraged the ladies to be creative. This quilt includes three blocks I made myself and 6 blocks made by others in the group.

What Do You Love About Using Scraps or Re-purposed Fabrics?

I love vintage sheets for many reasons – first, the patterns and colors are so beautiful – I especially love the florals and prints that look like watercolors. I love how soft and well-worn the fabrics feel, without being ‘worn out.” And, lastly, I love the cost! A large vintage sheet costs only a few dollars at a thrift store and provides yards and yards of beautiful fabric.

Detail of Vintage Neighborhood by Jodie Bissig

Tell Us About Yourself and About You as a Quilter

I started quilting in 2007- I completed my first quilt just in time for my daughter’s first birthday. Since then, I’ve made 49 quilts in between raising my babies and running a photography business. My husband and I are currently building a house and our plans definitely include a sewing room! I love to sew and there’s nothing better that seeing my children peacefully sleeping under a quilt I have made for them.

Thanks Jeni and Jodie for sharing your beautiful vintage sheet quilts with us!

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