100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Featured Quilt 3

Today’s featured quilt Urban Garden is from none other than Jacquie Gering from Tallgrass Prairie Studio. This quilt is scrappiness and improvisation at its best. Read on as Jacquie describes in her own words about this quilt, why she loves working with scraps and about how she let the scraps themselves guide the creation of this beauty.

Urban Garden by Jacquie Gering

Tell Us About Your Quilt
The Urban Garden quilt was a personal scrap challenge.  I pulled down my orange, green and brown scrap baskets. I grabbed a generous handful of scraps from each. I told myself I had to make something from what I pulled. The colors were earthy and I started thinking about land and how farm fields look from the window of a plane. I grabbed some natural osnaburg (it has that nubby earthy feeling too) and started piecing. The piece evolved into more of a community garden, you know those communal gardens where a bunch of folks share a plot of land to plant gardens. There are those well-tended plots and those more hap-hazard ones and plenty of land left to plant. I chose to quilt it with a serpentine stitch which reminds me of furrowed ground and was a nice fit with the idea behind the quilt.  My favorite part of the quilt is the piece of pink fabric that found its way into the quilt.  It was ‘misfiled’ in the orange scrap box and became a strawberry patch in the garden.  Urban Garden is a favorite and is one of the quilts in my book, Quilting Modern.

Scraps on Jacquie's design wall as she works on Urban Garden

What do you love about using scraps or repurposed fabrics?
I make a lot of scraps with all the experimenting I do in the studio and I hate to see things go to waste, so I save everything.  It’s a great feeling to use something that could be classified as trash and turn it into something beautiful and functional.

Close up shot of Urban Garden by Jacquie Gering

Tell us about yourself and you as a quilter?
I’m an educator, a mom, and now a quilter and author.  I learned to sew in 4-H as a kid, but I didn’t start quilting until 4 years ago.  As a quilter, I try to push myself to stretch the definition of a “modern quilt” and at the same time maintain a connection with tradition.  I’m a member of both the Kansas City and Chicago Modern Quilt Guilds. I live in Chicago with my hubby and my quilting companion, my black lab, Bruno.

Another detail picture of Jacquie Gering's Urban Garden

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  1. Jacquie, thank you thank you thank you for show a bit of your design process, I’m amazed by these modern quilts. As a relatively new quilter, old sewer though, I started with traditional quilts and knew that’s not what I wanted out of quilting, and now that I’ve found modern quilting I’m working very hard to reason the process out. You just helped me so much!

  2. Your quilt is lovely Jacquie. I love the improvisational approach you took while still respecting the ‘boundaries’ set by the chosen fabrics and color scheme. And the name is lovely too!

  3. Stunning quilt – I love all three of these quilts. And it does look like a view from a window of the plane

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