100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Introduction

This week during 100 Days of Modern Quilting we will look at quilts made “Using What You Have”. As the name implies Modern Quilts that are made from “Using What You Have” generally fall into one of two categories. First there are quilts that use scraps leftover from other quilts or sewing projects.

Scrap Pile that will become a new quilt (Ashley at filminthefridge.com)

Second, there are quilts that are made at least in part from re-purposed or re-claimed fabric. This is fabric that was once a piece of clothing or maybe even a vintage sheet. It will be cut up and the fabric will be given a new life in the form of a quilt.

Vintage Linen Scrappy Quilt by Janice Ryan made using a combination of vintage sheets and linen. (www.sewgirlyalterations.com)

This week is fun in that in many way, it ties “Modern Quilts” back to its roots. Many early quiltmakers were very good at “Using What They Had” to make their quilts regardless if it were scraps from sewing a work shirt or if it was a dress that had seen better days.

Wave Quilt by Jessica Berrett made using fabric scraps and new fabric. (http://urban-patchwork.com)

We hope that this week you will enjoy looking at different ways modern quilters use what they have to create beautiful functional quilts!

5 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Using What You Have – Introduction

  1. ooh i love this theme because it does tie us back to our roots. I am actually part of a scrap club right now and it’s been fun revisiting lots of the fabric bits i used in past projects. Can’t wait to see what is showcased here.

  2. I just this weekend made the decision to use up or figure out homes for (like the quilt group at m church) my fabric stash before I turn 45….I am 37. This week should really inspire me! Thank you!

  3. I’m really excited about this week. Sometimes it feels like modern quilting is just about having the newest designer fabrics to work with, and while I certainly love designer prints, I’m definitely on a budget and could never afford to snap up a FQ bundle of every line I love. It’s refreshing to see an intentional shift in focus for the week, and I can’t wait to see more beautiful quilts!

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