100 Days – Week of Solids – Featured Quilt 6

Today we are featuring this wonderfully graphic quilt, “Racing Stripes” by Valerie Luberecki, who blogs at Between Quilts.

What was your inspiration for the quilt:

Would you believe this was originally the back of my Kona Solids Challenge for the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild? I had designed a top based on a “road” my son had built with bristle blocks for his cars. I thought racing stripes on the back of the quilt would compliment the front perfectly. I wanted a look that felt sleek and contemporary, which I tried to convey with the angular seaming of the colors and graduated size groupings of the strips. I loved how it turned out! I was stuck at this point in terms of quilting, because what would work for the “front” (a much busier layout) wouldn’t work with this “back”. I had an incredible opportunity to get some feedback on this quilt from Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, who suggested I actually had two separate quilt tops here. Of course! I don’t know why the thought hadn’t occurred to me before, but it made total sense and Racing Stripes became it’s own entity, as it was meant to be!

What to you love about working with solids?

Working with solids is such a great way to let colors speak for themselves. I love how each hue gets to play it’s own tune while being part of the whole symphony of colors in a piece. I also feel like the design element is very vivid and striking with the use of solids. And of course, they pair so nicely with prints too. What versatile additions to any stash

You can also see more of Valerie’s work in her flickr stream.

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