100 Days – Week of Solids – Featured Quilt 4

Today’s quilt is called Ingrid, by Krista Fleckenstein, who blogs at Spotted Stones.  The quilt is a wonderful example of how lots of solids can make little bits of patterned fabrics truly pop and shine.

What inspired the quilt?
One of Ingrid Press’ quilts that was photographed in the Birmingham Festival of Quilts inspired my quilt, which is why I also named it “Ingrid.” I loved her use of a single pop of color inside each block, surrounded by different neutrals. I did want to shake it up a bit, and gave my bee members guidelines to use both solid shot cottons and a print for the inside of the block and to keep the construction a lot more improvisational. It resulted in blocks that have the same feel as Ingrid’s original quilt, but each block is also very unique.

What do you love most about using all solids?

I love using a lot of solids in my quilts because they allow individual fabrics to shine. The solids give your eyes a place to rest when they’re paired up with busy prints. I also like that solids aren’t limiting– when using multi-colored prints, I find it harder to stretch my color palette because I don’t want to vary too far from what has already been designed. But when I use solids, I find myself picking more unusual combinations.

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