100 Days – Week of Solids – Featured Quilt 2

Mary Claire Allen who blogs at Splendorfalls made this fun and colorful quilt of all solids.

What inspired the quilt?
After a few guild members saw the Jelly Roll 1600 quilts here  we decided to hold our own race at a St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild sew-in. Quilting race?  I loved the idea.  Why not try the polar opposite of what quilters have traditionally been taught and throw caution to the wind!  Pedal to the metal?  Sign me up.  I happened to have a Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Jelly Roll in Bright and decided it was worth a shot.  Not going to lie here; a finished quilt top in just over a half hour sounded pretty enticing!  Rather than mitering my strips together, I chose to add in a grey square between each strip, hoping it would modernize the look of the finished quilt a bit.  It ended up taking me over an hour and I didn’t win the race, but still I think the payoff was pretty good and quite modern!

What do you love most about using all solids?
Solids are like the chameleons of quilting right?  If you need the design to shine, solids can do the trick!  Need your quilting to be the star?  Go with solids.  Is color play your thing?  Yup, solids.  Something else I love about solids is that they transcend all quilting preferences and styles.  Traditional, modern, art quilts, you name it –  can all put in the call to solids for a great show!  Go solids!

12 thoughts on “100 Days – Week of Solids – Featured Quilt 2

  1. I LOVE your quilt. I too made a JR quilt and although some don’t like it, mine came out really nice. I did add a border and gave it to my GD for her dorm room. She loved it. I have ordered a jelly roll of solids and will make this one — I will keep though for me :c). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve seen a lot of those jelly roll race quilts, but I love the different spin you put on yours by using solids with the gray squares! I’d definitely use your inspiration to make one for myself! You’ve also added a lot of interest in your quilting design! Nice!

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